Thermals still messed up after over a week and bug report

@Vonarian aka Ardeshir

hey, how about fixing my bug report you commented on several days ago for the thermals? You’re the employee who commented on my report, and nothing has been done nor did you reply back to my reply to you. It’s been over a week and multiple people complaining about the issue but it’s still not fixed.

You requested more pics from me but my pics are fine and the same as the other people uploading pics. I’ve uploaded over 10 pics to show you exactly what is the problem. Everything is gray. I think that is your problem, you can’t see anything wrong because you’re looking at the tanks and can’t see them, because they are the same color as everything else. THAT’S the problem.

People are commenting here on the forum as well. Would you guys fix the thermals like they were before the update soon? It is unplayable with thermals at top tier. Why is it taking so long to fix, when 4 months ago in March we had the exact same bug and you all fixed it in a couple of days? And I’m following the exact same protocol I did 4 months ago that got that bug fixed, in a timely manner. Why not this time? It’s the exact same problem.

Will you guys fix it soon?? You are aware it’s a huge problem. Top tier is unplayable with thermals. Thermals we should always have on those vehicles because we’ve earned or paid our way to have those thermals!


Thermals are still not correct now for about 2 weeks. Is this issue going to be fixed? I’m on Ps4 btw

Whats the issue with thermals?

I noticed it’s pretty hard to distinguish tanks, but was it better before?


Somua as hot as the ground.

Absolutely. They were much better before. A lot more white, or red or green of the vehicles. Everything is all gray now, the same color. Look around at my different posts /comments /bug reports, and others. Plenty of pics showing what’s wrong.

The vehicles shouldn’t be the same color as a house, tree, rock or ground. It all blends in now. The only thing showing white now is rear engine and tracks, not even the hot gun barrels are white now. This exact bug happened in March on an update, and they reversed it in 2 days. Same type of screenshots. All the vehicles should be highlighted much brighter, all over. Now it’s a struggle to see anything anywhere.

Another reason I know they’re messed up, a good example or 2.

#1 I’m in a tank, an air vehicle is shooting a Starsteak missile at me (it rotates around in a circle of 3 objects). Usually the sky is gray and the missiles appear whitish and easily spot them, on their way to kill me. Now, I only see a glimpse of movement in the gray sky like a distortion of gray going in a circle, then I’m dead.

#2 In my ADATS launching missiles. Typically when fired I see the white missile with white smoke (in thermals) and can see it all the way to the target. Now, again the sky is gray as it’s supposed to be, but randomly (most of the time) now the missile launches gray and the smoke is gray, same color as the sky instead of white, and it all blends in the same. Cannot see the missile hardly at all. Almost impossible to use efficiently. And that’s in addition to the SPAA missile changes where they act crazy and fly all over the place now.

So yes thermals are way worse and it’s a struggle to see any vehicles whereas before they all stood out well. Try using thermals now trying to see a tank in the forest or up against houses or rocks. It’s all the same color now.

Gen 1 thermals are atrocious, there is hardly any contrast on the hot parts of vehicles. They should be much better, though I saw a response on a bug report that the noise is intentional “to increase the visibility”

For reference here’s what Gen 1 thermals look like IRL(AMX-10RC)

Thermals might be behaving differently on different maps?

On the new Iberian Castle map

On the test drive map

Looks like tanks are colder and the ground hotter on Iberian?
Which doesn’t make sense, since it’s a Mediterranean map. Those tanks should be scalding hot.

But hotter tanks and colder ground on the test drive?