Thermals still broken

Thermals are messed up again after update. And still are several days later after doing the Bug Report. Did it last week. I would think thermals should be a top priority. At top tier they are extremely important. We’ve seen you can make changes with minor updates daily, why haven’t you fixed this yet? This same problem happened in March. Every vehicle was gray, and it’s happened again. Cannot see anything enough to be competitive. People complained after the previous fix that it was too bright white, well now it’s back gray again. How about fixing it?


I can confirm this.

Vehicles are barely visible even when fully exposed.
For any vehicles with Gen 1 thermals it’s pretty much impossible to see the enemy at all.

I can confirm to this. Even helicopters appear way too cold now in thermals.


Is this issue going to be fixed? It’s still not working correctly and it’s been 2 weeks now. I’m on Ps4 btw. Will someone please address this and reply back about it? It’s bad enough dealing with the messed up SPAA missiles now but not being able to use thermals is not right, they should be available to us to use in the correct way.

See mine and others posts, there are uploaded screenshots showing how every vehicle is gray and blends in with the background, unable to see anything. Why is this issue persisting still? I’ve just had 2 updates in 3 days and thermals are not fixed still.

Not going to lie those photos you have uploaded, the colors look very blown out. I think some settings on your monitor are exacerbating the problem. They do need to fix thermals. But your set up looks worse than mine.

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Negative. This is on a big screen top of the line TV, and the settings are perfect. I had zero problems before this update, except for 4 months ago with the exact same problem. Once they corrected it my thermals were back to normal. I just had my screen on a bright setting is all you’re seeing. But the clarity and detail is great and you’re seeing what you’re seeing, it’s the thermals.

Look at the pictures uploaded by @Corona_Chan69 and some others, the vehicles in the white setting are just gray and unrecognizable from the environment. We all have different devices, but what matters is that the vehicles should not blend in with the environment, at all. And before this update my thermals were perfect, all vehicles stood out great.

And you can rule out your claim about my settings if you look at the pictures here where it shows the tanks gray but the tracks and maybe the rear is bright white. That shows you my settings are fine, but they should be white all over not just the tracks. If it were my settings you wouldn’t see the bright white on the tracks, would you? The entire vehicle would be that color. Others are showing the same exact look as mine. Gaijin just screwed up and for some reason won’t fix it like they did before, nor even make a comment at all.

I agree they totally screwed the thermals this update. I will say tho the color hue in those photos are different than my game. It almost looks like your thermals have a blue hue to them. They really do need to fix the thermals soon tho

Try turning your saturation down a bit in game maybe? Obviously it wont fix the game being broken. But those photos looks worse than my thermals experience at the moment

Yes I have it set on the bluer hue on purpose, it’s just how I like my TV. I don’t like the old, amber look. So it does make it seem brighter. I get what you’re saying, but also you’re not live in front of it here with me, in person it’s great. But, I also have different saved levels of brightness I switch to throughout the day, it’s not always this bright. But regardless, it still has nothing to do with the tanks blending into the background, that is solely the thermals being broken. If I can see bright white tracks and smoke, that means it’s possible to have the whole tank white the way it was before, not gray like a tree or rock. It’s screwed up.

I made some tests. I do notice some improvement with contrast against buildings but Black and White view is still a bit too dark. A more fine tuned fix is needed or maybe just revert thermals to pre-La Royale update. Some like tanks like BMP’s barely emit anything at all, not even the exhaust ports are hot.

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Bug report re-opened.

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Yeah it’s still broken. Thanks for reopening. As I still have not gotten any response from Gaijin, it’s been 2 weeks. Other than that employee wanting more pics, which are the same as yours and same type as last ones I uploaded 4 months ago with the previous bug.

I could’ve sworn it was better a few days ago. Maybe I was just hallucinating due to coping too much that gaijin will fix it.

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Lol yeah I understand. I’m on Ps4 and I’ve had 2 updates in 3 days and saw your post and was thinking ok I’ll start the game and it’ll be all good. Then nope and I was like damn what’s going on, why is mine not fixed? Of course I made a post and tried to @ a moderator to get a response but of course not a word. This is beyond ridiculous adding to the SPAA missile changes just has killed what for the most part is a semi enjoyable experience, considering I play top tier with USA mostly. I’m getting by with the ADATS missile being screwed up and acting crazy but many times I have just been killed while using thermals trying to focus and decide if I’m seeing a tank or if it’s a building or rock I see.

When I was testing, they work perfectly fine when the tanks you’re looking have the terrain behind them. The problem starts when they’re anywhere near a building, especially when peeking and side-scraping then they start to blend in near perfectly. In Black/White thermals tanks don’t glow as much but in green thermals the tanks are actually very bright but so are the buildings. As of now I use the green thermals because It’s only slightly better but still the problem persists.

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Yes, it’s just not correct as it always has been. I’m having to constantly turn them off and on, trying to use them for the little possible benefit I might can have at some moments, only to every time get frustrated because I just can’t see anything to determine what I’m looking at. In top tier a split second makes a big difference, and that’s all it takes to get shot while looking at what just shot me and I’m trying to figure out if it’s a tank or not. I’ve tried all 3 color modes (white, green, red) and it’s all the same, sure red and green are brighter colors but as you said so is the whole environment, it all just blends in no matter which color I use. They’ve plainly reduced the heat signature of the vehicles all around whether it is a bug or on purpose. I find it strange we’re not getting a single response about it. But thanks for the effort as well to try and get this fixed. I wish others would speak up if they’re seeing the difference. I’ve seen only a few of us on here recognizing the problem.