There was no reason for JA37D

In current state the JA37D is pretty much unplayable thanks to you facing most of the times 12.0 that just roffle stop it. and most of 11.7 are much better then that. And the reason why i say it should have never been added into the game is JA37C carried the same thing only difference in D was radar and aim-120 which we will not get any time soon. They could have added RB74 and BOL pods to JA37C, move it to 11.3. With F-16s they could have added Gripen A which is pretty much on par with them and later in this year give us Gripen C. And not speaking about the AJS which is the worst top tier CAS in the game…we could have isnted of that got CAD Draken which had 100x better ordinance then AJS has.


hot knowledge: 11.3 =12.0, unless top tier raise to 12.7 otherwise you still facing mig 29, m16, but JA37C will be different

Did you ever think they added it because 120s could be coming this year/1Q of 2024?

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how can you tell that after 28 battles in it?

It is partially true tho, the vehicle sits too high for its performance, the other ones should be dropped a notch, its the same thing with some other Swedish vehicles like the CV90 family, they should all be dropped. But the 120s are probably coming this year or sometime beginning of next.