There is something wrong and odd with visibility mechanics

i have gold trained crew on most tanks i play and i never had this types of issues but many many many times i am watching on a spot while moving forward where i expect someone or i even hear an engine there then i take a hit and abracadabra there is a tank right in front of me that wasnt there! Or even better: yesterday i knew a tank is behind a rock, a team mate was circeling him same time as i was moving to him on the other side. i knew he either turns around for him or move forward to shoot around the corner on me so i aimed exactly on the spot where i will at least shoot his tracks but then i got one shottet from him 10 meters in front of me and only after that he became visible. I knew he was moving because i heard his engine howling but he wasnt rendered to me. This happened a lot since the attilla update, rightn now again thats why i come here. I hear the ABRAMS directly in front of me knowing he is alos coming to C objective so i aimed on the only gap between 2 buildings but Poof, hit, smoke cloud gone there he is already. wth is going on?

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What is your ping when this is happening? Can be (not saying) lag is an issue?

ping is mostly 20ms to 40ms
It also happens to sound: I get in line of the enemy and right at this moment the engine becomes audible and a shot follows. Its always the same pattern, the game gives no LOS and aplies it also on the engine sound! JUst right now i was in my SPAA watching through my binocs to a spot where someone was before and on the lefthand side of the view a T80 engine apears followed by a shot, smoke cloud and then he was visible…and me dead.

Happens here plenty of times but when you look at where player comes from it is mostly from the far east so mostly a ping/lagg problem on wt end

no sound or you do not even see them. And they shoot and then they are visible.

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exactly, i am happy i am not the only one. Thx