There is nothing wrong with only using a single spawn

There I said it.

You’re always at a disadvantage on your second spawn ( To get into flanking positions, to get to the points, to get out of spawn if your team gets pushed back,etc)

You’re more likely to get killed by CAS while on second spawn because they are fixated on spawn killin for easy kills.

Gaijin uses it single spawn on Air RB which is their favourite and one of first gamemodes, so they knew it was better than multiple spawns

Also, if you use only single spawn, you get more opportunities to play different nation’s which is good positive.

So I think, using my arguments, I will start only spawning once because it’s superior to multiple spawns.

You can say it as much as you like.

And every time you will be wrong.


More spawn for the god of spawns!

Especially on events.


They hate you because you speak the truth.
I hate losing because of people leaving after a single spawn, but at the same time I get why people do it and I blame gaijin for creating the situations which encourage people to ODL rather than the people leaving.