There is no reasonable excuse for the QN506 not having its NLOS missiles

Helicopters can already engage ground targets out of their effective range to return fire, why is there an exception being made for another ground vehicle?

The real question is why leaving it with only a 100 APFSDS magazine and what’s more it gets destroyed super easily. There is no valid reason for this nerf, all other vehicles of its kind at the same br or lower (freccia, new boxer, dardo, KF41, BMP 2M, etc.) have full APFSDS chargers in large numbers and only the QN506 is only allowed one out of 2. Gaijin must seriously review this vehicle

100 rounds is historical, they aren’t wheeling this thing out to fight CQC. It’s designed to fire NLOS missiles not engage in direct combat.

However, other vehicles have non-historical loads to balance them and make them playable (like the Mirage 2K-5F which never used R530D but only MICAS) so compared to other similar vehicles, the carrying of entire magazines of APFSDS is necessary to be balanced

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