There is no more reason to play germany

I am very disappointed as a user who has played Germany for almost 10 years. This game lost its direction and Germany became the victim

What are the advantages of Germany over Italy and Sweden? Unique fighter plane and ground vehicle? Now there are very few unique weapons that only Germany has

now deleted flakpanzer 341, tiger 2 105mm, panther 2 very rare E-100 and regular tech tree to deleted Maus It’s a unique ground vehicle that only Germany has

During the Cold War after World War II, German ground vehicles and air fighters were almost identical to those of Sweden/Italy.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Germany didn’t steal anything.

But Germany had its future stolen. Why does gaijin hate and hate Germany? It took Germany as long as 3 years to get the Leopard 2A7V after Leopard 2A6, but Italy got it after just two updates

Germany’s F-4F ICE-improved version can carry AIM-9L-1, but Gaijin don’t give it to them (Germany tested and successfully launched the IRIS-T AAM on the F-4F ICE, so in theory it can be equipped with IRIS-T as well)

And when will gaijin give the Spike LR missile to puma IFV and when will you give the unique vehicle that only Germany has like marder 2

Germany has lost its value as a major country. Fighter plane are backwards compatible in Sweden and Italy and ground vehicles will have no advantage compared to Sweden, Italy and now France

Gaijin doesn’t like Germany

It’s been more than 2 years since gaijin nerf mineneschoss shell because it’s so good

German 37mm Cannon are not given AP-I or HVAP rounds and 20mm/30mm HVAP shell get nerfed

At the end of World War II, me 262, me 163 b-0 were unilaterally beaten by Cold War fighters long after Similarly, Maus and countless German ground vehicles are being unilaterally smashed by self-propelled guns like m109, vidar

Nevertheless, Gaijin is not give the SPH-70 or PZH-2000 to Germany

And Gaijin is not giving away unique ground vehicles that only Germany has, such as the Marder 1a4, the Marder 2 and the boxer series IFV

The Leopard 1 and 2 series in Germany were stolen by Sweden and Italy

Germany’s top jets are all Swedish/Italian/US sub-compatible and nothing unique




Great attitude for a staff member…



On the france thing the highest it will get Leo wise is the 2A6

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There’s nothing else to say, Italy and Sweden didnt ‘steal’ anything from Germany.
Sweden used Leopards in service, so did Hungary and even Italy in the future will operate the Leopard 2a8. German mains forget that they also have access to a G.91 variant which Italy does not get in the tree but when do you ever see any posts complaing about the lack of the R/3 in the Italian tree? Basically never, there is no need to repeat the same things said about the Lynx when that was previously added. I was always against the addition of Hungary, now that it’s here expect vehicles used by Hungary to be added in the game, including the Leopard.


i forgot how braindead you are go cry in your discord little man

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Sorry, I cant hear you over the fact that the Leopard 2s are the most sold European MBT around the world, maybe ask the Bundeswehr to make an improved version they can use.


Germany Suffer Part.10 Years




Lmao i called it. italy gets a better 2a7… Probably has better armor values like sweden ones do XDDD

Maybe Germany should’ve made better Leopards then.

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a .50 and the Strv 122 roof armour. it aint huge mate.

guys Italy gets an additional 50 cal and roof armor its OVER!!! BILLIONS will die


As an old forum forum dweller, a lot tbh. Back in ~2019 or 2020 it was one of the most argued about jets when it came to “Wehraboo” vs “Pastaboo” moments :P


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