There are not enough CAS threads yet, please let me have mine too

I know the browser tells me that there are many many threads on CAS, but none of it is mine. And I want my own™. After all, everybody else has one too.

(I feel better, now that I have my own CAS thread.)


I know I should go have this one closed too, but I find this too amusing to do that.


“This is my CAS thread. There are many like it, but this one is mine.”




This is the best CAS thread I have ever read. Makes me want to start my own CAS thread.


Just remember , when this is getting locked,
Place a comment or meme, Cas shot down by Pantsir or some other aa, and no backups left :D And that could be done to every useless cas topic :D


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Now that’s funny.

Now about those spawn campers. …

God knows this game needs a CAS (Collision Avoidance System) for players, so yes, I support that!


Exists already smh…

cas is the best thing in this game, and this is the best topic cas

Now stuff like this is the entire reason I check the forums after the idiots I’ve come across the last few days XD

The number of times I get TK-rammed on takeoff in Air RBs, or the wildly chaotic furballs in low BR Air AB feel otherwise, no offence meant :D

Collision avoidence does technically exist however, at least for terrain.

Hey folks, this is my™ CAS thread. Stay on topic, will you!

Or make your own, there is still room. A new one is overdue anyway.

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Casdeez nu-

Cas is bad. I know, such a controversial statement but someone had to say it.

I am actually waiting for an addition of the usual content of a CAS thread like:

A random poll
A random data extract from obscure sources
A meme battle
A mod intervention trying to calm down
A flagging battle

So i ask the OP what is planned to pimp up this thread?

Edit: Another super brain flagging attack - a reply to an obvious not serious OP can’t be flagged - otherwise the whole tread makes no sense. I kindly ask the mod reviewing this flag to suspend the “flagger” - imho a clear abuse of flagging.

flags your post owo

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You don’t seriously expect me to revisit this often, after I started it? I mean, it is a CAS thread. Let the regular crew take over…

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