The ZA-35 spam needs to stop

ZA-35 is too OP for its BR. I’ve just gotten a match and someone got a nuke with it. Playing against Britain and having most of the team spam these annoying ass fast cars with apparently insane ammo is bonkers. Is this a rant, yes, is it wrong, no, try to change my mind that this thing is unbalanced.

How is it OP


Now thats a first…


roikat with gepard turret and no apds op?


I mean it gets like 70mm pen on a very fast platform.
APDS isn’t really that good since the belts are heavily restricted, the Sidam only gets APDS which results in 20 rounds per gun as the only offensive capability.
Gepard would rely on the same belts but on a significantly slower platform that also doesn’t benefit from the no armor meta.

The what? ZA does not get APDS


Itpvs narrowly avoiding the crossfires here


Ah yes, the leo marksman

Well, it is 8.7. At the same BR with VEAK

Yes, so it doesn’t matter since it’s a worse option.

Gaijin can not balance SPAAs without drastically changing the way we currently control ground vehicles to include things like fire control systems and heavily reduce player input for aiming.

“is it overpowered” only if you let it be, it can be machine gunned and shot easily

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It does have to last from 8.3 to 11.7. It needs to be at least half good

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Its effectiveness as SPAA is not what’s in question.

Getting a nuke is not a mark of something being overpowered you know.
Also if you get flanked and killed by a ZA-35 you are either deaf or in a light vehicle.

The ZA-35 has access to an APDS belt.

Most tanks at its BR range also have <80mm side armor, the only tanks in the game with high side armor are Russian.

ZA-35 does not have access to an APDS belt.
You don’t even play the game.


Wild I thought all 35mm SPAAs using the Gepard gun had access to it.

This statement is inane.

A few rounds of APDS isn’t better than full belts of AP.

If the difference is between penetrating and not penetrating, yes it is.

The standard round is effective though as its explosive filler means penetrating shots are devastating.

Being able to pinpoint aim for weakspots with this ammunition is the main problem. A large amount of tanks at this tier can be penetrated through their cupola which isn’t something that would be a major issue IRL as shots aren’t as accurate.

The ZA-35 is fine, it punishes light vehicle spam nicely, can’t do much to MBTs frontally and punishes you for not paying attention to the flanks and listening on the few maps that aren’t one lane shoeboxes.
Like really the thing is so loud I don’t know how you could not hear it.
Also dies incredibly easily to autocannon or fire or any main gun.
It’s also not particularly good as a SPAA against fast jets given its pretty terrible turret traverse compared to other SPAA at the BR.