The ZA-35 spam needs to stop

If the difference is between penetrating and not penetrating, yes it is.

40 rounds of APDS with 550 RPM

It doesn’t have APDS so the discussion of its efficiency is irrelevant to this topic. I was mistaken.

The AP round is effective against the side armor of tanks at its BR which is the reason for its effectiveness as a flanker.

It’s large and easy to kill, it’s not more effective than other direct fire SPAAs of its tier. It’s a faster Gepard and much larger. It doesn’t need to have its BR increased.

A extremely fast vehicle, with fast firing guns vs a sluggish MBT, slow rate of fire, not great armor.

“Skill Issue” right?

Unless you nail your first shot, or get some lucky spalling, your not going to do much, seems like minimal spalling and ricochets are extremely prevalent in the last day, literally yeaterday, I was playing just fine; and today all of the sudden, nothing works.

Yeah, skill issue.
How about you be more specific about which MBT you’re talking about?
Looking at your vehicles the only one could be the STRV101, which has enough side armour that it can resist a ZA-35 firing perfectly side on at it at most ranges outside of touching it.
That’s before bringing into account angles from not being perfectly perpendicular.
You’re still new to the game and require more experience.

No. I will get as many nukes in it I want.

High risk high reward gameplay confirmed.

Don’t see the problem.

Yeah, it is the 101, how’d you just guess that? Also, I feel more frustrated by the fact that engine sounds are very quiet for some reason and I can’t hear those moving around me. I have enemy engine sound maxed out.

Roikat with Gepard turret and Eifel tower ontop

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It’s been a long time since I played with the ZA-35, I only remember that many times I received a hit that made me lose all the shells but not the crew, was it perhaps a BUG?

I don’t think so


Za35 is barely a problem unless you are in light vehicle and/or you and your team is astonishingly blind and deaf. It relies on perfect sideshots and still can fail to penetrate some vehicles at that angle. At the same time its is easy to spot thanks to massive sillhoutte and easy to one shot.

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Is it really that effective? Never used the Za35 but once ammo dumped in the marksman with sabot rounds ,into the rear and side of a T series tank (I think t64 but don’t quote me on that) and it did 0 damage. I’ve used the falcon a bit, and it’s only really effective against light tanks, IFVs etc. maybe a medium tank if it’s not heavily armoured.

How is the ZA35 any more dangerous than any other IFV at the same BR with ATGMs and probably better rounds and better armour and possibly even TVD

The ZA-35 should have thermals and probably APDS as well. It’s definitely a 8.7 vehicle if they fix it. The radar shouldn’t extend as far as it does as well. Well it can but that’s the secondary extension. It should be like this when not extended fully.

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It could extend to any height crew wanted to. On that pic only antenne is up, the mast could be lifted to max, just like in game, or any position in between 0 and max.

We can just have the two min/max modes when changing the radar range. What also would be nice if we had a setting to move the range up and down. Obviously F-16 pilots have a button that only moves the range of the radar up until it circles back to the min range.

Nah, as radars with variable height are not as common yet. Once we get to more modern things there will be some more radars with variable antenne height, but most are 0 1.
And if you mean the 12km(?) radar range then idk, the way gaijin models spaa radars is a mystery to me.

I’m talking about aircraft and SPAA. I’m tired of having to move from 20km to 9km through the 200km range to get an accurate lead

Then go make a suggestion for range going back, duh. It will go well i promise you.

Let me guess. The Russians didn’t know how to do this until the MiG-29/Su-27?

Like hell i know. That woul just be qol change, so…