The wishlist (store too.)

Evening ladies and gents,

Just have a quick question, in the wishlist will it ever be updated so that you could gift your friend a non prem plane? Or donate RP to the research progression of the tree?

Also will gaijin ever make it so you can buy non prem plane?
(I don’t want this but most likely it will happen knowing the greediness of humans and money)



That sounds like a terrible idea man, considering you can give a new player a high tier vehicle/a lot of rp at once.


It does, but I think gaijin will do it considering how much money the f-20 is, thinking they will probably ask for 500$ for a whole line but not tech tree

Not going to happen. Can be too easily abused.

What I want more is the ability to gift coupons to players or buy them GE vehicles. This will never happen, especially the coupon part because it would break the market, but I can dream.

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That’s a great idea man, keep on dreaming, maybe the snail will bless you

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would be a idea for console accounts, because no market


Tbh I fully expected it to at least include GE vehicles just so gaijoob could make more money


As much as I dislike it, not allowing the gifting of market vehicles is understandable from Gaijin’s perspective. Not allowing the purchasing of GE premiums is just plain strange. It baffles me why that wouldn’t be allowed.

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