The War Thunder Roadmap for Spring to Summer 2024

I really would hope also some love is given to the Sim game mode.

Sadly there’s nothing Sim specific mentioned in the Roadmap, but there are a lot of topics probably the whole Sim community as a whole hopes for since ages…


Bro no one said it should take him from red to full hp. I mean like battlefield first aid, get him to orange or dark yellow

Separate BR for GRB and ARB Re CAS sounds like a very good idea.

The whole crew injury thing sounds like it would be a pain in the ass in game, just another reason for the everything to stop working and sit in a dead tank you can’t control. It does not make for a fun game. Having your breach shot out as soon as you reach the battle is bad enough and makes many reach for the off button. ODL anybody?

Might I suggest a better Camo/Decoration management system?

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I am not against the idea! Though I am not sure it is realistic!

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What’s the point? The higher your personal rating, the worse your teammates are, and the more seriously you play, the more you go to jail! Why would you play when you have 7/8 kills and all your teammates have dropped out? If that’s the case, why should I play seriously? Why don’t I just drive a top of the line car with three starters and I’ll just go in and back out? The more I play, the more I go to jail. I have a personal ranking of 83%, a win rate of 72%, and I haven’t won a single game today! How do you assign teammates to your games? Control the win rate and try to get a normal distribution, the more you kill the less your teammates kill. That’s why I once collected 4 autoscript players and looked at them every once in a while, and in the end I found that the worst had a win rate of 40, and the best had a win rate of about 50! In that case what’s the difference between an automated programme and being a top player! Really cry and laugh. You a competitive game began to play normal distribution, you competitive for what?

It would be nice if they introduced something like prestige, so that we arent stuck at lvl 100 forever.


so you could be even more ashamed?

What I really want is for a prestige system that allows you to unlock vehicles that are no longer available, either because they were in past events or because they were removed. I don’t care if the requirements are insane - reach level 100 three times, research and purchase every tech tree vehicle in that one tech tree, spend 100 million SL, whatever. At least it would be something to genuinely strive for besides playing for your usual reasons.

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You can already follow the shell from ships when you hold fire button.

On ground the missile could be used as “flying camera”. Same with torpedoes I guess.

i can for shells indeed.

But sometimes (especially f&f spaa), i don’t understand why a missile misses. Would help a bit. And technically it’s not really a “new” mechanic since it already exists on aircrafts. No reason to not add it imo

Cry about it

Are we going to have a voice chat during the game?

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The crew level should also be changed. While you buy an expert for a particular machine it should be assigned to a machine and not a slot. The fact that it is assigned to a slot is very disruptive to the machine combination during BR changes. After a BR change, it appears that there are already two machines with expert or ace crew on the slot in question. This forces you to buy the expert or ace level again. So the expert level should be assigned to the machine. Which, after the BR swaps, would make it possible to freely place machines in slots.

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Ok, and after testing the Marder A1 I found out that it has a bug. The Milan shuttle does not move independently of the tower, and that is why on certain occasions the missile goes directly to the ground instead of following the target. What I’m saying, good for several things they’re going to do, but it’s just a speck of dust in the amount of errors the game has.
The reporting section seems to be extremely deficient, I think that gaijin should pay attention to that section, since for example, this Marder error was reported about two months ago, and the normal thing is that it would have been reported, after 3 or 4 days accepted as a bug, and finally corrected after three or four days with a hotfix, instead here we are waiting to see if they solve it, in the meantime to play with a tank with errors, with an atgm with low damage and with a cannon of 20mm that cannot penetrate a BTR-80A head-on.

Will the gifting mechanic include coupons?

What about other Qol improvements like showing the BR of the match, making boosters activate post battle (those that can only be used for one battle)

And the big thing, decompression? It has not been mentioned once in all of the roadmap even though it comes up often enough that the current BRs are not enough and too compressed.

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I would like to see a function to filter objects in the research tree view. E.g. Filter by type (mbt, TD, fighter, bomber etx.) or by BR. I know there is a suggestion area in this forum but after making 2 suggestions which were not even accepted for discussion and vanished w/o feedback by the mods I am no longer motivated to spent time in this.

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about people wasting incredible amounts of hours on the worst game ever made?.. i honestly dont know what youre getting at here

Worst? Nah it isnt. Also what is wrong with having prestige aswell, it would atleast give you something for your playtime instead of being stuck at lvl 100 for years. Think a little.

i am thinking, itd show how absolutely moronic someone is for getting to level 100 in war thunder, and then deciding ‘‘yeah i need more’’