The War Thunder Roadmap for Spring to Summer 2024

Nah even slightly healing crew is better than an hp buff. They can already take a .50 bmg center mass

I’m not saying a buff, just a partial crew heal

Yeah ik, crew heals would make the game more realistic, contrary to what the other guy was saying

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For the Ban map thingy - everything would be good if weren’t for QUEUE TIMES ^^"
Not everyone have the same map banned,… and somehow gaijin is not able to use that map ban accordingly to the MM.

Crew healing is realistic! Are we going to drive the ambulance to the hospital and call the surgeon also?!

So it IS possible? O.o

Does it mean it will work like regular AP plus explosion?

the easiest way to do it would be by cycling the state of the shell using shell selection button, not a radial menu of any sort.

Do you want to introduce research bonus? Or new nations?


When someone asked about split BR on last dev stream, BVVD said “we don’t think this is necessary”. What changed?

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I think it’s good that they finally balance the APHE ammunition, but it would also be good to give the real damage to the other ammunition. I have started using the Marder A1, and the Milan missile is quite disappointing, many times you need three of the four missiles you carry to kill an enemy tank, and besides the 20mm cannon is quite ineffective against many light vehicles.
It’s like I said before, these changes are good, but gaijin really sells it as solving the game’s problems, when really this is just scratching the surface of the problems, but hey, it starts somewhere. Although after 8 or 9 years would be time to be more serious and correct mistakes.

Currently the game is built around constant and rapid content expansion. I would suggest managing your expectations, because that business strategy is unlikely to change any time soon.

Fixing bombers gameplay in Air AB when? They’ve been close to useless for a while, even more since they started spamming domination maps.

Also sad not to see plans to filter tech trees by spaded/non spaded vehicles.

This is one of the problems that gaijin must solve immediately.
I started using the marde A1, and I realized that the 20mm barrel was too weak, and if you compared it to the 12.7mm the difference in penetration was quite strange. That’s why later you see that there are reports about penetration and ballistics, and you realize that your assumptions that that 20mm cannon was not right were correct, the bad thing is that as always, anything that involves correcting penetrations to make them realistic is not accepted, and the report ends up closed. This is a of the things that gaijin must correct as quickly as possible, accept the penetration reports that are correct, and do not use a penetration calculation that is seen from thousands of km that is not correct, and that gives absurd results in many of the bullets that are in the game. A real cancer that the game has and that has to be eliminated. The penetration calculator needs to be updated so that they are correct.


Shell shock is not something that fits in the game. It would only further break the ballance between player with high level crew and between tanks with (wrong or not) low traverse speed (Pz III B-J, T-70 and so on) and faster turrets, as with it, the enemy has even more time to reload and aim more precise while you cant even move your turret, and then when you can again, only slow. A 37 or 40mm gun only need 3-5 seconds, in that time not even beeing able to shoot back or aim is really bad.

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Seeing that there will be fuel sliders, i hope we will see more in the direction of QoL customisation such as custom ammo belts for Ground and Air guns.

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That’s an awful take if I’ve ever heard one.

Planes in GB return to the airfield and get a fully restocked, fixed, new plane.

Tanks/vehicles in the GROUND FORCES MODE go to a undefended from CAS capture point, fix their parts to a damaged but usable condition, get one crew member back, whilst the rest continue to bleed all over the tank.

Not exactly fair is it?

Don’t be so sure.

Yes, there are certain amount of fuel that were needed to for example keep the plane in balance

Guess I’ll need to go to DCS to fly F16s since I have 0 nations that have it grinded out and sim is like grinding back at 2022 without Premium

At least Bracket changes were nice, i guess…

Have you ever heard about “first aid”? Also this game is nowhere near realistic, so this tiny detail isn’t going to affect that.

Planes aren’t exactly the most survivable, it makes sense as to why they’re fully repaired and crew swapped but a heavy tank with full crew health recovery and parts isn’t exactly the he most balanced thing.

Healing could be implemented but as long as it works in a balanced way. For example, your wounded crew can only go from one stage to to other, red>orange >orange>yellow etc.

And it should work like FPE or repairing where your tank becomes still and you have to wait a certain period before moving based on the number of hurt crew.

These updates look really nice, good job! Some thought on that:

  1. APHE rework: please make it so that is works realistic. As you can see it in this simulation it exlplodes in a cone shape rather than a sphere.
  2. Crew heal: yes, we needed this a long long time ago. Also on the same principle we should be able to repair small (“yellow”) damages to compartments
  3. Additional effect on crew: I don’t think it would be good, we don’t need the game to be more one-shotty