The War Thunder Roadmap for Spring to Summer 2024

Sounds promising.

Any discussion/consideration about possibly recycling convertible research points? I’d like to put the convertible research points towards other items such as discounting some of the camouflage schemes locked behind GE.


Yeah, I wish I could use convertible RP to get warbonds or vice versa, or get some currency to use convertible points dropped out from the SL lootboxes that are there during the events. If at all, it would be cool to have something useful out of those SL lootboxes other than unlimited amount of backups.

Not a single mention of the broken and neglected assault arcade modes that have been in dire need of fixing/updates for years now… would be nice to know if anyone is even assigned to these game modes…

(Apologies if anyone else seen this twice, I posted in wrong post so removed and put here)

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Still not being able to ban more maps is awful. There are plenty of maps that i want to avoid. Better yet let me give me a idk top 5 list that i will see more often in the MM (if i play the corresponding BR).

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Oh yeah, thats a good shout. More bans would be awesome. I keep getting maps I dont like at the moment, and whilst my actual ban will never change, I really wish I could put it elsewhere at times. Just 2 or 3 bans would be game changing


Only premium accounts can ban maps right?
They should let everybody ban one map and let premium players ban an extra 4 so they can ban 5 total or something, it will be good for non premium players and even better for premiums


Yeah, 1 map ban if you have premium.

Yeah, that would make sense and be the best way to do it. Even just 1 ban for non-premium. wth 2 extra with Premium. I would love to ban a dozne maps, but I think 3 is a good compromise

To be fair, those are also tied to the AI development.
AI development didn’t get brought up which likely means it’s inconclusive how much further they have to do.

They’d have to remove squad members’ bans impacting your match making if they did that at the minimum, cause right now it’s up to 4 banned maps due to that.

another way of doing it could be getting certain ban slots (up to a point) tied up with unlocking new Tiers, given that you will see more maps if you go higher in Tiers (up to a point as well)
1 Ban slot is always available
+1 if you unlock Tier 2
+1 for Tier 3
+1 for Tier 4

you can obviously still limit the max amount of slots to 5 or so. At least give me more than 1 slot

Easy just like in the other and other games, just the bans of the platoon commander count.

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Just base it on the squad leader, simple as.

Whatever classification it would be considered, the more neglect in attention to refinement only becomes exacerbated by the continuous changes made to maps, vehicles (new and reclassed BRs), and fundamental game designs that have no QA/QC as far as we can see in regards to these game modes…

Every update we see nothing mentioned nor discussed outside the realm of our community, least of all from one of the folks from the mod/dev team…

This lack of communication despite the newly promoted promises of being more approachable or involved by the team is what really is dissapointing. Especially when numerous other questions or concerns are actively being addressed so it leaves us feeling ignored.

I would honestly love to see more focus on refining what we have now across all modes, maps, etc than some shiny new toys… thats how I feel at least.


Yeah, that would be the easiest way to balance it. Perhaps with the game favouring down but not blocking non-squad leader bans

Do you have any plans in the future to add ECM to aircraft that can have it?


needs more time in matches!!

oh yeah. that coupled with the new CM system, would be awesome.

I mean, it took Eagle Dynamics over 3 years to overhaul their AI for DCS which the AI overhaul debuted last year.
Hopefully it doesn’t take Gaijin that long, but there are other factors.

I really hope the gifting to other players on your friends list includes coupons. Idec if there’s a fee attached, I really want it to include coupons.

If you want to implement new but controversial mechanics, discuss with we players first. Nobody wants bullsh*t mechanics, and also nobody wants their work to be denied easily. In the past when you push out new mechanics, players dont like them but you guys, for multiple reasons, refuse reconsidering too. When you finish making the priliminary plan, let us know and discuss it first. After reaching a basic consensus, proceed programming then.

Basically, it’s great stuff.
However, AirRB lacks features for aircraft that excel at turning while maintaining speed, such as the 4th generation.
So I would like to see a feature implemented that temporarily limits an aircraft’s ability to turn to 9G and 14 degrees AOA.
With such a feature, everyone will be able to enjoy the modern jet fighter-like air combat.

Also, please make it possible for radar missiles to hit at low altitude.

You can’t be serious