The War Thunder Roadmap for Spring to Summer 2024

I would say that the constraints need to be either removed or set to a standard (eg. percentage). Some prop fighters have like >35 min of min fuel. Hell, the Su-27 has 13 mins of fuel as a minimum, when the flight manual itself gives the performance metrics for ~8 minutes.

Not really. The problem is that you get random plane in the air mission, you get randomly positioned interceptors, you have limited time to do anything. The outcome is that people take out heavy bombers which can decide whole battle right at the beginning and the match ends quickly because of that, you can’t take out the plane that you want from your lineup, and RNG decides for you if you’ll survive the spawn or not. It’s not just “I don’t like CAS in ground battles” problem. The air mission itself is flawed idea because it cannot be fair, so it goes RNG.

I see what you mean but in most cases where a tank has both a solid shot and aphe round available, the aphe pens more. The implications of that being in most cases aphe will still be an objectively better choice. I still fully believe that some sort of solid shot buff, something like an increased angled penetration modifier would be better for the game. Make ammo choice a more strategic decision than just having to decide between heat and apds at 8.0ish brs. This could also be achieved by nerfing aphe but I think just factoring in momentum to the path of the fragments isnt enough to do that

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Atl least we hope to see the improvement on HE-VT shells fuse… Form the other side…good for all the ground and air players, they will have an exciting year ahead.
Can’t say the same 'bout naval… what happened to submarine?
After the battle of Atlantic event I genuinely believed to see them very soon… I was wrong

In the mechanics part, would it be possible for ground and naval vehicles to follow their last fired missile, shell or torpedo, just like bombs or missile for air vehicules ?

I can’t think of any good reason it can’t be implemented

Isn’t BR for ground/realistic already separated? I have some vehicles that are 0.3 higher in AB than RB.

I think overall Ka50/52 will remain a very very competitive aircraft, there are clear advantages for it. But I do hope we see continued improvements for other nations that fill the gap, like longer range AGMs over the 8km Hellfire, or more F&F missiles, or DIRCM on other helis.

There is still room for further balance between all the nations helis.

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Really sad roadmap, no improvements to Simulator on the board at all.

I think AGM-114Rs, now that they’re confirmed purchased for Apaches Es [but Ds are forward compatible with them] would be nice.
I still oppose Ls cause even Rs are less powerful than radar guided AGMs.

Yeah, there are options, I still hope for F&F for the Apaches at some point. It is a key part of their performance, but for now it’s not needed.

Though hellfires do need their IOG.

Britain appears to have gone for JAGM for their Es so I have no idea what their performance will compare to, but at least they don’t need to worry about balancing Brimstones on them just yet

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oh yes please X)

If you want more time in planes, then you go RB. If you want to use your own planes, go into RB.

What happened to the kill stealing/sharing mechanic that I heard about for air RB?

Nearly every game you get 2/3 planes chasing my fireball that is in a hard uncontrollable drive to the ground just to steal the kill, and you get less reward for doing 99% of the damage, or if you release a missile 5 seconds after someone else and it kills them after their critical then they spend the entirety of the game chasing you to team kill you.

Please implement this, it will also calm the team killing in air RB.

Further more, can we have 6 bases for top tier air RB also bring back destruction of the forward airfield at least in high tier after the first bases. I think it would also be nice to have starting airbases to add variety and mix up the always go left dynamic.


But I don’t want to play RB. I don’t want to play a game without markers and with slower vehicles, I like arcade’s dynamic, it’s simple as that.

The problem I have is that air mission is just RNG, and in comparison the naval AB has it solved that you have to score and ditch your current vehicle in order to use the plane and you actually risk it, so you don’t just go straight yolo at anything you can kill quickly. In naval you can take out fighter and actually be the interceptor hunting down bombers in fair way because they can try to run away. And I can pick a plane that I know how to fly and how to use rockets with. GFAB is missing all that because of how air mission is constructed and effectively it’s bad for all sides.

I can understand the reasoning for not implementing naval/RB approach in GFAB being that somehow forces people who would want to play their planes to go to one of those other modes, but there are still people that won’t go there like me, simply because RB is too boring/tiring/frustrating for them.

for few ATGMs it sounds like going to be OP. It shouldn’t be like spawning your ammo depot wherever you want. Rather than that, It’d make sense to have same repair/restock mechanics as on the cap, but on the spawn area, and make the spawn area wide enough so you can get back to it quickly even on the edges of the map. Or actually start making support vehicles that will get its main score for supplying ammo and repairs etc, but for now even playing scout drone isn’t giving rewards…

Out-freak’n-standing. Loving these improvements! Well done, Gaijin! 🫡

Exactly. This could’ve been just a part of the list of fixes from one major update, not whole half-year roadmap…

any news regarding the top tier tanks in italy, france, and israel?

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Had a thought.

@Stona_WT With the seperate BRs for Air and Ground for aircraft. What is going to happen for Naval? Will aircraft use ground BRs? or are they getting their own BRs for Naval?


Even if i gotta sacrifice the BR of my mig 21 smt, it will be worth it

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