The Visegrád Group Tree (PL, CZ, HU, SK): European Powerhouse

The new Slovak howitzer BIA.
Worth adding I think.

Exactly. With the Hungarian subtree in Italian tree they basically killed this whole idea of V4 tech tree. Thats the honest truth. Poland and Czechoslovakia together might be a possibility in the future, but rank II-III will be less interesting with a bunch of Czech and Polish crewed Shermans, T-34-76s, Cromwells and others. In the air some french copies, Yaks, P-47s, etc.
This tree will miss Turán and Zrínyi (which are based on Czech T-21), Héja and Me 210 Ca-1 variants.


Yeah, especially the 40M Turan I which was quite nicely related to the Czech T-21 prototype, it could have been the successor of the T-21 prototype, making a smooth transition from Czech to Hungarian tanks. But with enough of these countries being combined, a mixed tree with these countries (except Hungary) is still a possibility if Gaijin allows for mixed tech trees to be added.

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Well, tbh , after the war czechoslovakia got some Turans (around 12 iirc) and buided a two spg prototypes on their chassis, so there’s still little chances to add them, I guess


PL-01 10.0 meta xd

What does this comment have to do anything with this post?

Really? Is there or do you have any links/documents for that? I know that after the war we bought around same number of Challengers from UK but these Challengers were apparently a armor update.

No pics of the vehicles
But there is this

Ahhh…so it was a project that was never finished or started? Just some blueprints of the possible vehicle

No, they were finished. Two were operated as training vehicles. In 1949 they were participated in a military parade in Praha. I have never seen any picture of them, I think there is none on the internet at the moment…

And is there any shorter name of the vehicle?

Shorter than what?
Turán lehká 105 mm houfnice vzor 18/40 N
Turán SPG
Turán 105 mm vzor 18/40 N

Couldn’t find anything…there would maybe be something in archive in Olomouc where those 2 vehicles ended at training grounds…so maybe that is the last place to look at…there is also a book of Czechoslovakia tanks…so maybe look there also, but it is nowhere fully on interenet…so it need to be bought

Which book?

It is Called československé tankové síly

I can help with that, as I own a copy.
The book states this:


In 1950, in cooperation with ČKD and ŠKODA, four experimental SPGs were built, originally ordered for the needs of the artillery, of which two were based on the Panther tank and two on the Hungarian Turán, which was a licensed T-22 medium tank of ŠKODA’s wartime design. The first one carried a German 152mm heavy howitzer vz.18/47N in a fixed superstructure behind the shield, the second one a 105mm heavy field gun vz.18N, the bizarre Czech-Hungarian-German pair a 105mm light field howitzer vz.18/40N. Since, at that time, the use of these weapons in the army’s prospective armament system was no longer envisaged, the same year, after trials, all these cars were disarmed and cancelled by the military. The Panthers were then used for conversion into recovery tractors, and the Turans were sold to the national company Energotransport, where they helped for some time in the construction of high-voltage pylons.

For some reason, the picture does not want to show up, and I can’t edit the post, so here is my second try:

Thank you!
Thats not much…

@AftiksPL was able to find more information of them.
He said to me
“numbers of original turans were H 803 and H 503. Prototypes had different placement of gun, one in central position, and one in non central, so gun could be mounted 420mm lower. 50mm frontal plate, 50 ammunition inside.”
His source is one of his books, the Od bodáku po tryskáče - Nedokončené československé zbrojní projekty 1945–1955 from Martin Dubánek