The US needs 40G missiles

I think that it is becoming unfair now that the US it the only major country lacking in missiles for planes. Even Japan got good missiles and the US has those unmaneuverable ones that can’t do anything.


No they don’t, 30g’s invisible missiles with IRCCM and fantastic range is still great.


Have you even been in the Dev server?

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I would say Agile time but those are even pre SRAAM in their timescale so I doubt they would be useful tho the F-15 could take 6 of them (same with the F-4)

USA has 3 F16’s, 2 F14’s and now F15, some of the best missile busses and dogfighters.

Some nations are just now getting their first jet over 11.3, which aren’t even comparable to an F16C.

Sorry, but no. USA does not need to be curb-stomping everything in every single aspect


Only thing I find that really is needed is making sure the 7M actually does what it’s supposed to do. On the live server right now, 7Ms are useless 90% of the time. Good proper lock, within range(Radar now shows good kill range) and it’ll still turn away from the target and dive into the dirt.

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No, the US needs somewhat competitive radar missiles. The AIM-7M is just a total disaster of a missile.


I do find it interesting that they are denying the 120s and other type of Fox-3s until everyone can get them, but they are okay with the ERs rocking everything. From everywhere I’ve read on here, from so many people talking… So many nations could have gotten the 120 or their type close to it, and it’d still be one hell of a fight against the 27ER…


Russia gets 10 MISSILES, same with China. All of those missiles are better. Also Japan gets basically AIM9Ms but 40G



Arent the aim9 m currently the best short ranged missile ingame on live server? why are you crying?


R-73 better

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Going to disagree. Get more kills with 9M than 73.


They could have added early AIM-120As which are still kinematically inferior to the R-27ERs


i mean, this statement explains everything

Yeah no. Aim9ls are easy to flare. Aim9Ms wore nerfed into the ground. Aim7Ms dont track past 20km and well the F14 is as it stand the worst Jet at top tier. With that there is still no answer for R27ers which the SU27 now gets what i think a max of 8 of them. The hardest missile to evade in the game and even then your 9 times out of 10 not going to dodge it even when going cold. with that there are r73s that do not care about your flares. Weve tested it weve fully turned the jet off pulled and flared and the missle still ignores all flares and just goes straight for the jet it was launched at.

I agree the Gripen has defenatly gotten fucked over and hopefully it gets some love during the test. as in my opinion it too should get much much better missiles in all aspects.

At the end of the day Russia will continue to dominate because Gajin refuses to give us a propper counter to the BS missles they have.


With that. The f15 is forced to start with aim9ls it should get aim9Ms to start the fact that it doesn’t proves that Gajin hates the US

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You are just braindead


Ah yes, let me use my 7 jets in one aie RB game…oh wait…I only get 1 spawn.

Because quantity over quality makes up for it right?


Even suggesting any of those are not “Quality” is ludicrous.