The update is unfair to heavy tanks. You don't want them to encounter heatfs, but this update will send them to encounter more advanced armor piercing shells APDS and APFSDS

Can the Swedish 5.7 light tank strv74 have 247 depth APDS and 158 depth APCBC? The 5.7m4a3e2 in the United States can only have a pitiful 104apcbc, and he cannot even penetrate the 5.7 medium-sized tank m4a3e8 wtf? Why are you doing this? Why can only German companies have mg34x2, which is also Panther a? Can Germany still have 228 deep APCRs? Why? Are you teasing me? Is this very unfair? Why did Panther a in France and the Soviet Union not have APCR??? 6.0kv220 only has 135mm? Are you teasing us? T3457 4.74br 145 mm Are you really serious? 6.0 heavy tanks are not even as good as low weight medium tanks. If you don’t like players playing with heavy tanks, you can delete them .

Why doesn’t the Ersatz M10 and Panther D not have APCR?


Devs don’t play this game


Problem of 34-57 is damage, not pen

Its useless. Their main shell is much better