The update is overall ... AWESOME

  • Economy got way better
    My routine was to spam the hell out of some premiums just to play 2-3 matches with some 7.7 tank in need of spading + 1-2 matches in one of the R2Y2s (got them years ago and still not spaded). It was so boring playing the premiums over and over again. Now I can freaking enjoy playing. I’ll still play the premiums in order to buy new vehicles of which I have tons of them researched. In air RB it’s not such a breakthrough. Still this economy is overall a game changer for WT, for its playerbase.

  • Unlockable skin kill requirements now aren’t like made by Satan
    For rank 4, rank 5 or higher you needed hundreds upon hundreds kills for some skin. As of this update the requirements aren’t engineered with the purpose to deprive players of their sanity. You grind to spade, you get some skins as it naturally should be.
    (of course gaijin messed up the implementation for already unlocked ones, but they always do when they mess with that, so no surprise there)

  • The (true) hungarian tanks are nice
    Always a joy to see new and unique low-medium tier vehicles being added. Not copy-paste ones. Yeah, this update has more copy-paste, but as long as I get the new and unique ones too, I’m happy.

  • The redesigned vehicle cards aesthetically improve the game (at least in hangar)
    I’ve seen people disliking this, comparing its looks to the other tank game (still exists?). I don’t like other kind of graphical “improvements” that use lots of resources for marginal gains (like when they decide to use some stupid particle for overall graphics or the hangar being so resource hungry for god knows what).
    But things like simple, yet pretty cards are the kind of aesthetic changes I like and that I think they make the game look more polished. The crew tabs might benefit for something along these lines.

Now some criticism:

  • On that note of graphical changes, I agree with other users that the new module animations are worthless.
  • I also don’t care about the tree animations ingame. I can’t say that I hate them or that I didn’t want them, just that it does nothing for me.

  • Still no textured cockpit for Breguet Br. 693AB2

Do you mean it does not have a cockpit ? or just a low detailed one ?

If there is no cockpit, it maybe because they have trouble trying to find a good reference

If it is a low detailed cockpit, then it can be improved over time, tho it may just be a lower priority right now

it only has the placeholder like some other strike/attacker/dive aircraft.

ok, in that case it can mean that the Devs may not have a solid reference for that aircraft… if you happen to have any references of that cockpit, then it would be a great idea to make a suggestion… feel free to PM Tech Mods first too, they “may” be able to tell you if they do in fact need references or what ever else they need

Hope that helps!

My only problem with this update is Mid Field AA Now works a bit two well just some times remove you out the sky in 1 hit