The Type 74 (G) unusable why 9.0 put down the 8.7

the mobility awful the armor low and all enemy oneshot Type 74 and dead to next batle and restart

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It’s on par with similar vehicles that are found in that BR: Leo1A5, Leo L/44, AMX-30 Super, Merkava Mk1B, Strv 105.
They are vehicle, who more who less, have bad armor but with good speed, a good APFSDS and thermal sights.

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The Type 74G used to be at 8.7 where it was way stronger than the majority of other 8.7 vehicles. Now that was years ago and things were a lot more compressed back then.

Right now the Type 74G is fine. It gets one of the strongest kinetic rounds at 9.0 and thermals. The hydropneumatic suspension is also incredibly useful in many situations.

Everything at 9.0 has strong enough rounds to pen everything else at 9.0 and nothing has any real armor at that br. The Type 74G is no worse than something like a Leo A1A1 L/44. Use your suspension, use your thermals, and don’t try to eat I’m coming shells with your hull. You’re not a heavy tank. Heavy tanks died in the 60s.


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It’s annoying everything else is 8.7-8.3 without thermals that end up in 10.0 a lot

The 74G is noticeably slower than the Leopards with much worse survivability owing to the larger rear turret bustle and is not on par with the AMX-30 Super at all.

There’s a reason it was replaced with the Type 16(FPS).


The Type 16 (FPS) should be at 9.0 with type 93 APDSFS

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The suspension gimmick is way too situational to even be considered used in most cases.

Have you not seen the sad optics it got after Gaijin nerfed almost all of Japan 8.0-9.0 vehicles?

I have seen the optics. I used the 74G to grind out the flaming disappointment that is the RCV prototype. I don’t know when this nerf happened that you’re referring to though. Not saying it didn’t happen just saying I don’t know anything about this nerf.

I find the optics to be good enough. I use the suspension quite often when I play Japanese MBTs. For me it’s a feature that is useful enough.

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The 74G is a fantastic tank, doesn’t need moving down.

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I agree. If I remember corectly then the zoom for the optics was done early last year. And the only time I have problem with the optics is when I am trying to shot small vehicle or weak spot at range of 1,500+ km.