The Tu-4 needs to be retiered

The Tu-4 needs to be retierd at 7.0 B.R. because its survivability is not good enough to be at 8.0.


And at 7.0 it will destroy everything won’t it? What we really need is BR decompression, send most of the 8.0s and up to go up 0.3 - 1.0 BR.


you know, what if i told you gaijin hates bombers… would you believe me?

I would believe you that they must hate bombers because to put it at 8.0. It’s survivability doesn’t last long. I mean it’s not fast additional it’s slow and it doesn’t have all that good of defenses for it’s tier. I mean the Be - 6 has better defenses and is at a proper tier.

Not really.
If aviation damage models improve, Tu-4 will survive Aim-9 hits even.
So the real solution is to complicate the damage models a bit for a superior simulation.

Well then that’s what needs to be done, they need to improve the damage models. All I’m saying is this situation is improper and it’s needs to be fixed.

It shouldnt face 9.0 period. 7.7 is where it should be

if you think it would destroy everything at 7.0 you’re out of your mind

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the amount of 23mm it can send toward someone is insane.


It did when Tu-4 was 7.0BR back then.

My basic point is that it doesn’t have the speed or the survivability to be placed at a 8.0 B.R. level. Sure its guns can kill higher B.R.’s but that all comes down to chance. It’s right around 20% chance that it will kill a target. The chance needs to be upped to 80% if you plan to keep it at 8.0, if not then it needs to be moved back down to 7.0 where it doesn’t face planes with AA missiles. At 7.0 it would still face jets but it would be at a more reasonable B.R. I still don’t get the point of why people still say No even though it’s slow and it doesn’t have the anti air defenses that something at its B.R. should have. I would compare it to a B-17 that’s placed at the wrong tier.

I’m really surprised there are so many dumb players on this topic. The Tu-4 turrets are still death laser pointer at its BR since it was implemented in the game because it doesn’t have dead zone.

Sure, some missiles such as Fireflash are a problem, but since most of the missiles used primarily in 8.0-9.0 are IR missiles so, simply setting the engine throttle to 0% will solve the problem. Also, the manual gunner can also be used to send most enemies back to the hangar with lasers.


Tu-4 is still G8N1 2.0.

Okay you’ve now solved my missile problem but, that still doesn’t solve how easy it is to shoot down and how defenseless it is because the turrets still don’t shoot with that much accuracy.

Just learn to play manual gunners.

Even if I did it, doesn’t solve the problem with the tail being shot off in a 1 to 2 second burst. It’s survivable is the main problem.

How it can be problems if you blow up them all within 0.8km except missile carriers?
Also, Why you posted this topic when you have never played Tu-4 in ARB before?

I have played it before I have it unlocked and half of the modifications unlocked.

I’ve never played the Tu - 4 in ARB before.

It doesn’t make any sense to me to play it in ARB because then I don’t get all my other planes to use and if I’m having such a problem with it in AAB then why would I take it into ARB?

That’s how ARB works. You are not the only one who can bring only one aircraft into the game.

Also, ARB has completely different physics from AAB so, there are quite a few aircraft, like the Spitfire, that are not very good in AAB that are quite decent in ARB. If you want to complain about Tu-4 BR in AAB, you should change title of this topic because it makes forum user confused.