The Tornado

The Tornado is just in a terrible position. I am really not sure how you guys play it. They seem like free missile food when they show up in front of you.

My heart goes out to you guys that tolerate the struggle in it.


What tornado are you talking about?



that’s the neat thing, you don’t!

until f-16s and mig 29s get moved up a little so you can’t face them the tornado will always be an awful plane. even then it will only become a bad plane. air to air was never the tornados strong suit even IRL

Every match I see them die to Aim-54s. Its like its their calling.

It’s fine where it is. Maybe a little overtiered but overall fine.

im using ASA now, i think that tornado should be played the same:
Fast, horribly fast
near the ground, like ground level, and diving some meters to make medium and long range missile miss
spam all missiles and run back to base like a coward

the gameplay is the same as a F14 used by someone smart, long range yeeting then back to base

Interesting theory. I mean with Aim-54C you could climb up to 12K or 20K feet. Yeet your missiles, and land pretty quickly.

You aren’t wrong, but the F3 has to fight at point blank range quite often due to the game not modeling the SkyTrash right. Meaning fights often go WVR, and you are slower than even F-16s with plenty of fuel. Not too mention Mig-29 is a LOT faster than you. Often you cant run away. You cant turn and fight. Your only hope is the joust. SkyTrahs is finally getting some bug fixes, but only a few. 9Ms would give the F3 a lot more sting short term, but AMRAAM is really needed, to allow for fire and run away early tactics

At least you are slightly faster than a stock F14B.

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I play quite a bit of F3/Gr1 and they do need more, but they dont need the same

Tornado F3 is pretty simple. It needs better AAMs. AMRAAM would greatly enhance its BVR and then it needs Aim-9L/i (Ideally with british bodge) or Aim-9M to help in WVR. ECM would help a lot too. (Also a lower SB rating means it wont be stuck at 12 all the time). Its needs the ability to shoot and run away and its current weapons dont quite allow that tactic.

Tornado Gr1 though is more limited in what AAMs it can get. It never ran Aim-9M, but it could do with the british mod of the Aim-9L (essentially double the range). Its biggest issue is the lack of defence. With no chaff count or ECM the jet is rather vulnerable to attacks and we could do with more of its ground attack compliment, like Cluster munitions. Ground mapping radar would also be an awesome addition. So the Tornado Gr1s biggest problem, is that its simply unfinished, and playing with a hand tied behind its back, not that its actually bad. and that I think that is a bigger shame than the im-balance the F3 is forced to fight

I don’t play the Mig 29 very often. But Jesus is this thing easy mode. I flew straight at the enemy team, straight into their incoming furball all their RADAR missiles slammed into the ground, but mine, no problem at all.


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I actually worry about the Typhoon being super easy and so totally boring to play. Now I dont expect it un-nerfed or not outclassed, but it is something I worry about.

Boring was exactly why I stopped playing the Mig 29. You don’t have to worry about radar lock, you don’t have to worry about targeting, you don’t have to position yourself properly to use PD boresight. You simply activate, sweep the mouse, press Z and they die. You are guaranteed 2 kills at least.

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exactly what i do in the f14a, steep climb, yeet phoenix and land. now imagine 4 f14 doing that. nobody in this world can get close to them.
But players never do that, its literally free kills and nobody does that

yeah amraam could take the tornado out from the grave, what tornadoes in the italian TT get that? maybe the ADV?

I think so.

Actually, I Think im wrong on that. I dont know if they ever were upgraded to take them. So probably AMRAAM on the F-16 and maybe only Aim-9M on the ADV

unlucky, waiting for eurofighter i guess