The Tiger UHT should have access to 1 PARS 3 missile pod stock

Being stuck with only 4 HOT 3s with a 4km range and 38 Mighty Mouses that share the same hard points and no gun makes it the least capable top-tier heli when stock. All other NATO countries get access to 4 hellfires with an 8km range stock and the Russians and Chinese get the Ataka and AKD-9 with a 6km range.


Stock grinds exist to incentivize you to spend money. Hopefully this happens, but I wouldn’t bet on it

I’d think adding the two hellfires on a hard-point would suffice? edit:it doesn’t have those

The UHT doesn’t use hellfires which is why I said only 1 PARS pod or at the very least only allow 2 missiles per pod when stock


Oh, I was thinking about the French ones, I only have those.