The Teamkill related rules are pure garbage

A game starts, i am at the very front of strike group. A Wyvern kills me in 15 seconds, there is no fucking enemy in 10 kms. You know it is on purpose, I know it. Gaijin knows it. I don’t even understand why would a Wyvern kills me for any purpose, I had a cannon payload, not bombs.

There is a stupid policy in game, where you will only get autobanned if you kill 2 in one game. X times in a week and Y times in a month. It is easy to get around those rules, just count the times you being piece of shit in a day or week and you get away with teamkills. You can literally be a nasty piece of shit but if your intelligence allows you count how many TK you did in a period, you are golden.

  • The guy who decided to these numbers has low IQ, just like Wyvern rushers
  • One TK at the start should be autoban, period. No excuse. It is 99% of the times purposeful. The next is misclicking by mistake, you still deserve a ban. The next reason might be AFKing when you are taking off, you still need a ban.
  • I need to repeat myself in case Gaijin low IQ devs couldn’t hear in the back. This is a garbage and low IQ teamkilling autoban ruleset that is easy to get around. You are bad at your job.

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Here are the teamkill rules from Steam forums 10 years ago. Currently, autoban rules are not public.

Arcade Battles (AB)
3 TK per session - auto kick from session
8 TK per day – auto kick from session and 1 day ban
17 ТК per week – 7 day ban
25 ТК in two weeks – 1 month ban
35 TK per month – 2 months ban

Historical Battles (HB) / Full Real Battles (FRB)
2 TK per session – auto kick from session.
5 TK per day – auto kick from session and 1 day ban
17 ТК per week – 7 day ban
25 ТК in 2 weeks– 1 month ban
35 TK per month – 2 month ban

This is the original logic they started with, and it continues as you can see. In Air RB, 1 TK(in first 2-3 minutes) doesn’t send you to hangar.