The T90m Commander can or can't fire the main gun

The t90m both the gunner and commander can fire the main gun ? Why is there a delay then if my gunner is hit and killed before my commander who is still alive will fire. I notice that doesnt seem to happen with western mbts if the gunner is taken out there is no delay between that and when the commander can fire.

Everything has a delay.

Not so sure about that. I can swear I have killed leo 2a7s gunners and loader only to have no delay between that the commander squeezing of a round. Where as my t90m without fail will be screwed over by a same hit.

What is the delay on western mbt for the commander to fire ?

everyone its delayed to 3 seconds

He might have already been using the commanders sight
iirc there’s no delay then

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Hmmm It seems faster on western mbts then it does for me. But maybe just me, but i could of swornd western mbts can fire almost instantly after hit that kills the gunners

Oh Damn Why did I not know that

There’s a global delay for every vehicle that has the option to use the commander.

Unless you are using the commanders sight and have him ready to fire ? Which is odd work around that delay that I didnt know about

Question can I be in gunners sight then switch over to my commanders and fire its already paired that way without the 3 second delay /

If your commanders sight is in Aim Mode I think so

this isn’t something I’ve personally tested, just remembering patch notes and questions from when this was first added

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