The T32 is painful

Recently, I have unlocked the T32 American Heavy Tank. As you may know at 7.3 there are some first generation IFV’s like the Marder A1, BMP-1. In some uptiers you’re going to find yourself playing against vehicles like the TURM III and Gepard.

What I’m trying to say is that, vehicles like the T32 will be destroyed by everything else in the 7.0-8.0 range pretty easily unless you’re a superhuman of a player.
I feel like I should just grind out the other vehicles with my M901 because of how unprofitable it is to be mowed down by an AMX-50 Surbaisse which has significantly more firepower and armor.

What should I do and how can this problem be resolved? Should 7.0-8.0 be split into 7.0-9.0 to balance out the vehicles better?

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Honestly I enjoyed the T32.

Its quite mobile for a heavy tank, its armour is super strong. Sure it loses out in an uptier but in a downtier its the immovable object. It is still workable in an uptier too if you angle enough.

It definitely needs a faster reload though, 15 seconds with 224 penetration at that BR is stupid, even if that gun is great at one shotting.

My advice, and this is how I played it, I judged my success not on how many kills I got, but on how many shots I tanked. id sit hull down or well angled on a cap point and just be an immovable object. Sure Id only get maybe 2 kills, but the enemy would waste half the game just hopelessly bouncing off me while my team slowly picked them off until I finally got bombed. That is what got me the most enjoyment and the best success out of it.

The T32E1 at 7.7 is worthless though, dont bother with that one.

Strongly disagree. The T32 turret is one of the only turrets that can bounce 400 pen HEAT rounds and absorb many ATGMs. You have great depression and APHE meaning you can beat up on the huge prevalence of IFVs that show up. You have difficulty vs russia, especially the T-10M, but germany is usually pretty easy. You bully Tiger 2s all day long. Its easily one of the best hull-down tanks in the game and is one of the only US tanks i go back to on occasion.

AMX-50 has no armor and the solid shot struggles with no-armor-best-armor IFVs. It also has less depression and is larger. Having played both extensively, i’ll take the T32.

There needs to be a BR between 7.7 and 8.0 added to space out the advancement from HEATFS and no stab to APFSDS and stab with thermals. There also needs to be a BR added between 8.3 and 8.7 to space out thermal IFVs and the last of the heavy tanks.

Agreed the T32E1 is worthless at 7.7. Its less of an upgrade than the Two T54s at 7.7 and should be 7.3.

Yeah, T32 fights lot of things that can pen It anywhere, but the problem isn’t its BR, it’s the BR of things as T-54, Leopards… All that cold war stuff with HEATFS, missiles APDS. They should put some kind of barrier that protects WW2 vehicles to fight against cold war ones. If you are having problems with T32 don’t even try T32E1, it’s the same but against more modern enemies. I play both and they perform good if they find they own era enemies, but against some cold war vehicles as T-55 you will loose 90% of the times, you can’t pen them from the front (except cuppola), they can pen you anywhere, they can shoot in movement… And you can’t run away because they are faster than you.

I remember having great games with the T32E1 prior to its br Being increased. Would literally sit in front of the enemy spawn and laugh as they couldn’t pen me or aim for the weak spot.

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