First thing first, I understand that the devs, the graphical team, and a plethora of other people wants to make this game as realistic as possible - but when “realistic” makes a bad impact on the ability to play the game - things need to be adjusted.

That being said - THE *** SUN!
Whose idea was to make the sun bright enough that:

  1. I need to stare at it long enough that my eyes literally hurt (this is at my monitor’s brightness being around 20-25%)
  2. Give the enemy the ability to hide in front of it making him completely undetectable from anything further away then 300m

I appreciate the other little details that it gives, like a pretty good and atmospheric weather and weather effects it’s creating, or the fact that IR missiles lock onto it because, you know, the sun is a HOT place, but I truly believe some of the “features” didn’t go through QA and the QC process for long enough before being pushed to us, the consumer.

PLEASE - consider making it more gameplay friendly!

P.S. Try and find the enemy in the attachment down below. He’s there, I checked the replay afterwards and I can now pinpoint exactly where he is.


Either that or fog/haze. I HATE it!



I’m fine with the sun, but one thing they should change is that the sun should render on opposite sides of the map for different teams in the same game (reality does not have to be consistent in a multiplayer game). So EVERYONE has the sun in their eyes or EVERYONE has it at their back, fairly.


I do agree, in the old world (semi-historical MM) the axis flew on almost all Air RB maps against the sun, imho there were just 2-4 maps with “neutral” sun…

I have my monitor on max bright and the sun does not hurt my eyes.

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Flashbang GIF - Flashbang GIFs


Either I have a way-too-bright monitor, or I need to get my eyes fixed xD

Add sunglasses as modification


There is zero reason for the sun to be implemented in the way that it is, put it either to the left or right of the map, remove the option for that time or reduce the effect of the sun, it’s ridiculous.


Ok… Who shot the sun in a fit of Rage ??..

But, Seriously… for starters… the Sun is meant to be, well you know ? Bright because of Nuclear fusion ?

Secondly, it is another obstacle in warfare, and depending on the nation / map in question it may be lower in the horizon compared to other parts of the world… you can blame the Moon and the Seasons for that…

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you can blame the Moon and the Seasons for that

Pretty sure I can blame Gaijin and the map designers for that, not like that is out of their control.

This is game, it’s ridiculous to have an ‘obstacle in warfare’ that is clearly working against one side, what added value does that have? It’s annoying, it’s obnoxious, unfair and above all, completely and utterly unnecessary when someone at Gaijin can spend 5 minutes changing it.


Still doesn’t excuse it being uneven between teams. Unfair PVP games are not fun.

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I just want the option to turn off sun rays. It’s not a nice effect to look at, at least in WT. It was cool in Far Cry, Battlefield 4 or Crysis. They did it right.

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“At seven tenths of a millisecond after spawning, and at a distance of 60 miles, the light from the fireball in the sky is 30 times brighter than the midday sun. This little boy has received severe retinal burns from a monitor 27 miles away.” - The War Game (1965)

Yeah, get rid of the sun, as NO ONE EVER USED IT FOR A TACTICAL ADVANTAGE IN WARFARE… /end sarcasm

It favours one team over the other, that’s the issue.

Today I learned: “Being lucky to win an arbitrary random coin flip you had no control over” = “Tactics”