The SU-27SM might be the WORST top tier i have ever played

I seriously prefer the F-4F ice over this piece of overrated underpowered garbage.

Worst radar at 12.0+, literally i’d take the F-14B radar over this.

Flight model that is utterly horrendous. Enjoy dumping all speed just to notch 1 missile, then die to the next missile.

R-77 is also garbage tier though i don’t know why. They just dont hit unlike when i use AIM-120A in F-15.

R-73 is also garbage in the current meta. It was already worse than 9M because of the IRCCM difference, but it was arguable. Now it is in the current meta bottom tier together with MAGIC 2. (they share the same IRCCM in the game)

Let me explain: When i play F-15 and fire a 9M from 4-5 KM (my loadout is 6 120 and 2 9M) at someone they pop 2 flares and that is it, they dont understand it isn’t a radar missile, and die. I have literally NEVER (I REALLY MEAN NEVER NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING) had my 9M get flared in F-15C MSIP II.

They pop those random flares at 2.5/2KM against the R-73 and boom, its just a R-60 super with “tHRusT vECtorINg” hype that is useless.


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Fox-3’s eat chaff like moths eat lamp rn, kind of annoying


I agree, i played a match in my british gripen today, and with automatic release of chaff with 480 chaff, i dodged 5 players FOX-3S just by going cold and running away.

And the SU-27 with the low amount of CM eats the dirt once again.

Also you’d be surprised how many people don’t know how to dodge FOX-3,

Anyways, thoughts on my post?

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Remember, supermaneuvrability is super useful in BVR! For sure!
The radar is meh
R-73 is okay but the meta makes it not so easy to use

Interestingly, the R-73 IRCCM is underperforming, the fox-3’s eat chaff like crazy… if they’d fix these two issues the aircraft would be a lot more useful. Maybe even OP if the FM is adjusted.


I wouldn’t even call It meh, you actually have to point your nose to the enemy if you want to lock in TWS.

(Yes I had to use hard lock on the Su-27SM because of how garbage it’s TWS is)

Slowest search time of all radars.

Acm lock 10KM.

And R-73 İRCCM is bottom tier, I agree.


It’s good, but it is underperforming.

At this point I think gaijin deliberately makes Russian aircraft FMs flying bricks.

İf it didn’t bleed all speed and had proper maneuverabiliy it would be usable.

But currently, I’ve dropped the SM.

Got a 3KD in F-15C II

My KD on 27SM is 0.5 lol


It’s only good against the sun temperature F-15S and F-14S and Su-27S

Pretty much useless against all else. Especially Gripen and F-16

And 9M you can fire from many angles, especially from above making it very hard to flare.

You fire R-73 only from directly behind or it gets flared.


Shame gaijin uses the worse export variant stats for domestic R-73 in the game

They don’t.

In the forums some moderator was saying it performs how they think it should, it is basically a bit better 9L in terms of IRCCM, because of some I think British tests of R-73E.

I never even knew British tested it until the moderator talked about it.

Uhh, I wouldn’t say that is how it was summarized.

No clue, might be misremembering, still I think overall the Su-27 along with it’s kit is lacking, and want the opinions of people on this

It’s not. And even the AIM-9L underperforms in game compared to the British tests

the FM of the Su-27 and R-77 is simply disgusting
R-73 is also unreliably modeled


I seriously doubt soviet engineers were 70 IQ and they decided to make a plane that flies like the garbage we have in the game their premier fighter. I bet if the soviet Sukhoi engineers saw this, they would get heart attack.

MIG-23 is literally better in EVERY SINGLE WAY in flight model except the useless super maneuverability, which is worthless in the game.

So, why did they need to upgrade from MIG-23 then? If SU-27 was so bad compared to MIG-23? just give mig-23 new radar and boom, better than SU-27

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I find the R-73 to be very reliable when launched within 1.5km. The twofold problem is that it is impractical to get that close most of the time, and secondly the lobotomized FM of the Su-27 DOES NOT want to ever be close to targets because every single one of her peers will handily outperform her in a dogfight. Hilariously she doesn’t want to be far away either because R-77 cannot compete with AIM-120 at long range fights. My K:D in the 27SM right now is only 1.5 (slowly improving as I recover from the absolute torture that was fighting AIM-120’s while only equipped with Fox-2s all the way to RANK IV MODS!!!), but IMO the best way to use the 27SM is to stay low and try to flank the battlefield so that you can hopefully ambush people with the R-77 from an angle that they weren’t expect. Even this is hampered by the poor ACM lock range and your radar’s grossly inferior scan rate that makes it very hard for you to acquire a lock and shoot first in the event that you and a NATO opponent both see each other’s nametags within 20km in the proverbial “you and an enemy bump into each other in a dark alley style” situation.

What’s hilarious is despite fighting uphill in the snow both ways at compared to the americans, the data from thunderskill is painting a picture of the russians managing to win more often than the americans who seem hellbent to fly their planes straight into the ground in an attempt to coerce gaijin’s balancing algorithm to suggest downtiers for the F-16 and F-15.


If USA actually has lower win rate despite how garbage Mig-29SMT and 27SM are compared to F-15 and F-16 in literally every single way, I have no words.


You can do this and more even better with F-15, so there is literally no point to the 27SM