The SU-25K and A-10A are 10.0 with all aspect missiles and 300 flares

This manages to be overpowered in GRB and ARB.

Well done, we should sell more overpowered premiums so that the only people who play the game are those that take advantage of your greed. That will make you even more money which is all that Gaijin cares about at the end of the day. Not game balance, money.

slow flying turds both planes are

Yes that’s why they have 300 flares and all aspect missiles.

Good news! All aspect missiles are still uncommon at 10.3

and how do u want those slow flying turds to defend? chasing other supersonic planes at 900km/h?

You have access to all aspect missiles and 300 flares.

You aren’t meant to have air superiority in a CAS focused plane.

Again, all aspect missiles are not common at 10.3, there’s no reason these planes should have access to them at a BR where even strong rear aspect missiles are uncommon.

so basicaly ur saying, its ok for those planes to be free kill at br10

this is an UKR basic version of the su25 carring x4 r60m

If anything in this game should not be limited to 2 missles.

They aren’t a free kill at 10.0 and would not be a free kill at 10.3

If you want to report an inaccuracy in modeling Gaijin lets you do that via bug reports.

ur crying about the a10 and su25 not me, this planes only ment for CAS in grb bump its br and they will be usless in air rb as the su39

Yes the BRs are tied together if they weren’t I could advocate for 1 or the other since they aren’t I can’t.

The A-10 and SU-25 would perform just as well at 10.3 as they do currently at 10.0 in Air RB

They would be moved to a BR range where at least the enemy is guaranteed to have SPAA to engage them if they were 10.3 where as currently they can see downtiers to 9.0 where SAM SPAAs are not available for any nation.

yeah shure against f4s and other planes with +1400 km/h. su25 allready has to deal with the f5 spam in airrb

Both of these planes already see both of these planes at their current BR.

This is the problem with Air RB, maps are decently big but all AI targets and bases are tightly put in the middle of the map, so speed is absolutely critical for Strike aircraft to get there and escape in time. Both planes in question don’t have that so Gaijin took an easy way out, instead of making changes to the mode to fit those types of vehicles, they simply gave them really, really strong missiles for their BR in hopes that will “balance” things out.

Gaijin’s inability to change that mode led to all of this, where you’ll have all-aspect 30G missiles going against flare-less planes, which is ridiculous.