The Storm Warning Battlepass Challenge is very problematic

The Storm Warning Battle Pass challenge can only be completed with “motor gun boat”. Not to mention the chaotic catergorization of costal vessels–motor torpedo gun boat, motor gun boat, motor torpedo boat, gun boat, etc. Also, ships with the same symbol, such as an empty blue triangle, might be entirely different types of boats. Furthermore, there’s some countries whose coastal navy don’t have any qualified motor gun boat that can complete the challenge. For example the Soviet coastal fleet, which only has motor gun boat in tier 1 and 2. The German tech tree only has one. This is forcing players who played soviet/german navy to buy other boats.

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Game spits boosters at you. I used mine on British with the Gay Archer which came from the battlepass.

I’m sorry I don’t get what you mean. The Gay archer is not a motor gun boat and can’t be used to fulfill the challenge

Sir, I used the Gay Archer and research boosters from logging in and rewards, to grind British boats.

well yes. One have to grind all the tier 1 and 2 british boats to get a applicable boat for the challenge, which is quite complicated, especially coastal tech trees took longer to grind than air or ground tech trees.

Yeah, basically you’ve written down my thoughts on the icons and naming of vehicles types (especially for this challenge). There’s also an “Armored Gun Boat” … does that count as a motor gun boat? Even better, there is a “Motor Torpedo Gun Boat”… does that count as a motor gun boat?

There should be a “Show Eligible Vehicles” for these types of challenges, similar to how the Pages of History has it.


yes, and unlike air and ground in which tank destroyers and strike aircrafts are equally distributed by all nations, the “motor gun boat” is extrememly unbalanced and concentrated in specific tech trees.

I forgot to mention I also got the tier 2 British premium boat from the warbond shop, so it was actually quite doable.
If you die in the Gay Archer, you can hop into the MGB-75. If you die in that, you can hop into whichever boat you have in for research bonus of next boat.
2.3, 2.0, and pretty quickly a 1.7 until the 2.0 tier. It was quite easy actually. The Fairmile C(312) took a lot of research, but it’s a good boat even with no upgrades once you get it for the Challenge.

I grinded during one of the challenges that required 20k points with BP vehicle, so got some of it done with the Gay Archer.

Also I have the DB-7 bomber from 10th anniversary, so swapping to a bomber premium was awesome.

Don’t give the impression that you made it work and enjoyed it… That is borderline blasphemy.

More enjoyable to have it done than to not ever do it I suppose.
It was actually enjoyable to figure out how to get it done. Maybe not the actual playing naval part. Some of it was ok.

man, I was trying to save the warbond for the swedish sherman…this is complicating things

haha yeah I planned ahead, and have been doing everything quickly when it unlocks.

ies i has so many problems :(