The Steam Awards: Nominate War Thunder in the “Labor of Love” Category

There’s been a lot going on in War Thunder in 2023, with a fair share of challenging and uplifting moments. Alongside our regular schedule of major updates that contain bug fixes, new maps, vehicles, and overall new content, this year we’ve been working hard on fulfilling the Roadmap thanks to your feedback.

Many of you have been with us for a long time, with lots of you having joined us for the first time this year in 2023. Record player numbers were hit on Steam, with an all-time player peak happening just this month, which is a testament of the enthusiasm in the community.

To each and every one of you, whether you’re still playing after all these years or you just joined us in 2023, the War Thunder team would like to thank you for being with us and playing the game that we’ve all come to love for so long!

Nominate War Thunder in the Labor of Love category!

The Steam Awards are back this year, so let’s win this award together. Have we earned your nomination? That’s for you to decide. Nominate War Thunder in The Steam Awards for the “Labor of Love” category — to nominate, click on the nominate button at the top of the news article on Steam.

Thank you and see you around in War Thunder!


Is this an out of season april fools joke?
Edit: I’m not going to remove the message. But I am giving my vote to Lethal Company.


I want to commend you for the excellent work on the Roadmap; it’s evident that significant effort has gone into its development. However, I’d like to draw attention to the persistent issue of long-standing bugs that have unfortunately lingered in the game for years. Addressing and resolving these longstanding bugs is crucial to enhancing the overall gaming experience. If you can successfully tackle these issues while continuing to implement the roadmap, your efforts will undeniably contribute greatly to the game’s improvement.


I’ll be totally honest with you, you’re one year into your FIRST road map to improve the game for players and improve our view on you as a company, your are still yet to fulfill all of the promises made in that roadmap which is understandable… I personally believe it has been extremely positive and a huge step in the right direction… However i would personally want to see you to get through a 2nd roadmap next year with continued improvements before I’d consider voting, i feel like as a player you ignored our feedback for years so I’d like to see some more dedicated improvements outside of general maintenance.


I have mixed feelings about this.

It’s obvious that you’ve made an effort to improve the game. That is commendable. There are also devs and other employees that care about the game, clearly.

On the other hand, what did it take to “motivate” that proccess? These changes certainly didn’t come out of thin air. Not only that, but the game is still far from fixed.

I honestly feel it’s too soon to consider this award, more time is needed - both for the game to improve and the relations between developer and playerbase to heal.

Edit: On some points I still feel concern, like how the “RP bonus for other tech trees” has been postponed. It feels like you are afraid of easing the grind too much. You should be clear about how long it is expected to finish a tech tree. Quantify how many hours of gameplay.


You did do what your promised and followed the roadmap, so far i can only say that i have high hopes for everything yet to come and will vote for Warthunder, because it has been out for so long and i just feel like theyve made this game great.

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already voted you deserve it

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In all honesty, it is incredibly difficult to nominate this game for such an award. While these past few months have seen the game being taken in a positive direction; the simple fact that it took nearly 11 years to do so and the existence of quite a few issues that have not truly been addressed or resolved significantly enough are reasons enough why.

I feel like people forget that, prior to this roadmap and the backlash that occurred to make it happen; the overall game economy was going to be made worse. And while I don’t disagree that Gaijin should get some commendation for working to finally address the overall economy; it doesn’t quite make up for the years of an anti-player/progression economy of considerably and unnecessarily high repair and low reward payouts that prevented players from making genuine progress down their preferred tree is still all too fresh of a memory. Remember when the B-29 had a 30,000+ SL repair cost? That was this year.

Personally, and I mean in my own opinion that you are welcome to disagree with; I just don’t have a lot of faith in the continuation of this goodwill. There’s just not enough of it right now to assure or diminish my concern that Gaijin won’t fall back to their past nature/self.

Like seeing the pausing/backtracking on the implementation of RP bonuses for another nations does more to confirm my concerns than abate them. And given the fact that the roadmap is now near completion, we haven’t heard much in terms of how Gaijin plans to continue to improve the overall game.


War Thunder stand no chance to Deep Rock Galactic for me. Any game using “Fear of missing out” does not deserve Labor of Love nomination nor wining this category.


Tiger is right. These small changes were made only because the huge pressure of the commnity, otherwise the game would be still in a worse condition. You only did it because it affected your pocket. The lack of respect with your clients and players is evident.

But there are many changes pending resgarding the playability, balance, gamemodes etc. But guess what? You get bashed and censored by forum trolls or incompetent people acting in your name who dont even play the game.

You have to do more in the next year to deserve any award. 2024 will be crucial to you, Gaijin.

This is my last contact with anything envolved with Gaijin-related products. I’m officially taking a break in a hope that something be made and the real community be heard once again.

Its a broken english, but the feelings are real.


There’s no chance he’ll vote


Also there are more things that just simply show me there is no love for game just for money made. BR compression is nice example. Gaijin show nicely that they do not care about all vehicles as compression made a lot of vehicles completely unusable. Adding top tier vehicles just to some nations instead of adding them to all nations at once is also sign there is no love. Why the hell would you want to disadvantage some nation if you truly loved the game? Lack of game modes is another sign. Why no EC for ARB or GRB to give players opportunity to play longer battles? Why no Tank-Only mode to give players interested in tanks their playfield? Not even in form of events for specific BRs. I do not see any love for game just monopoly doing monopoly do. Pumping new content to force players to buy overpriced premium vehicles because realistic battles game mode is only pressent in War Thunder and nowhere else.


I would like to with all the good done but the way console players get treated as 2nd class citizens when it comes to alot of issues I honestly cant.


I find it laughable and insulting you would ask us to nominate you for “Labor of Love” when you have worked so hard to screw us players out of hard-earned achievements. Specifically, I am talking about the F9F-8 Cougar in the American Aviation tree which, immediately after research was completed, you bastards went and buried it under the F9F-5 Panther so it can’t be had until the Panther is completed. Where was the timer that gave you a limited time to get the Cougar BEFORE that pathway was locked in? Didn’t happen! So you blindsided us with a dirty trick and NOW you want us to recommend you for Labor of Love? You are seriously that sadistic?

Another thing: I see many others complaining about the economy and Gaijin pushing sales of premium and other items/events. I used to be one of those purchasing those items. After Gaijin STOLE my F9F-8 Cougar, this is the 1st crafting event in 4 years where I SPENT NOTHING! All Gaijin had to do was admit their mistake, let me purchase the Cougar I had already completed research on, and I would still be spending the money I no longer spend on movies (since Covid 19) on premium vehicles and crafting event supplies. Now Gaijin cut their own throat!

65 days without MY F9F-8 Cougar!!!


Can’t do it. There’s still far too much work for you to do, Gaijin.
For example;

Russian Bias code needs to be removed.
Criminally undertiered Russian vehicles need to be uptiered.
Minor nations keep being neglected.
Solid AP and APDS are still near worthless.
Rolands are near worthless.
Manpads are still nerfed.
Many vehicles are incomplete.
Many munitions are artificially nerfed, incomplete or missing.
Maps are terrible.
Modes are terrible and have seen next to no changes in 11 years.

I could go on and on and on… But simply no, I will not vote in favor. More needs to be done properly by Gaijin not only to redeem the game, but also the company itself. It’s gonna be a long road, so we’ll see if Gaijin is truly committed or not.


Honestly, I can’t vote for you. I wish I could but you don’t deserve it. There are many issues with the game, most of them caused by you. Yes, you have been improving the experience abit for some time now, BUT only after the mob with pitchforks and torches knocked on your door.
Little to no communication with the community, core features and mechanics being FUBAR while you’re turning a blind eye, etc…
So, once again, no!
Have a nice day…


When WT will actually be a labor of love, but that isn’t the case for now. Too money hungry. When you’ll understand that people naturally support what they like and don’t need frustration you’ll get far more money from your players.


When I saw this get posted I started getting angry… immediately expecting the worst from the player community. I was afraid that people would actually be fooled by the roadmap success and actually trust Gaijin again. Thankfully the forum posts are all much more intelligent than I feared.

This game is STILL full of anti-player mechanics and gameplay problems. The ONLY reason warthunder still has a community to play it is because there are no other games out there where we can fly planes and drive tanks in a manner that is both realistic but also simplified just enough to be fun.

If you people had ANY competition I would GLADLY dump the game and go play the other one.

You are CERTAINLY NOT a labor of love. Keep improving and fixing your game AND maybe cut out the greedy, predatory practices for say another year… then I’ll reconsider.


The fact that this comment is both the most liked comment and also… “flagged by the community” is both funny and also very indicative of the crap Gaijin tends to do when spinning facts for the player base.


I saw Labor of Love and instantly thought of War Thunder.
The amount of work done this year is astonishing.
Many issues were addressed, and while pushing out planned major updates without delay.

Other projects by other developers did put love into their games as well; and honestly it’s not enough compared to the work put into War Thunder to improve the systems.

Of course you have people like @_TIGER_BLAST and @GNDM_Panzer posting misinformation, but it happens.

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