The state of ground vehicle customization

Personally I believe the current customization system we got in game has been outdated for a very long time. It was good enough before, but right now we could have something else.

I’ve seen suggestions about overhauling the system we currently have, including the removal of fenders and skirts, adding spare parts as 3D decorations, flags, etc… And I’d love to see it. Unfortunately, I believe developers are busy.

Regarding decals, there’s a lack of opportunities to customize your vehicle according to real life. I don’t even know what to begin with… Geometrical shapes, more tactical emblems, more/better numbers, heck, maybe even including a 3-4 digit number template to write the number you want on your vehicle… The chances are infinite.

Funnily enough, I wanted to create this topic just to complain about why the NVA emblem is only available to Germany, but I guess I can’t control my thoughts.

Let me know what you think, cheers!



I don’t see why flags (decals) should be locked behind GE, even for the flag relative to each tech tree.

Maybe flags attached to antennas could be a good idea for customization, or barrel marks depending on the player’s K/D in this vehicle.


Camouflage nets could also be added to more vehicles in top tier, as a researchable modifications.


how would gajooble sell then stuff like the leopard 2 123 ?XD striker etc ? :D

I wish 3D decorations added extra armor to tanks and or we had the opportunity with some sort of in-game modification similar to how some vehicles can change their tracks, Ka-Chi being able to remove the pontoon. Etc. Since irl, the M4 Sherman and all its different iterations were often seen with Sandbags, tank tracks, extra pieces of metal, wood, etc. Which lacks in-game representation and could also help justify BR changes such as the Jumbo. Slapping concrete armor on it at 6.0 and being up to 6.3 would make it more competitive to use.


You’re talking of remodelling a lot of vehicles…

I do want more bushes, and decals though… More decals for sure… Bigger too, this small stuff is silly.


They were free before, but after some players being childish Gaijin decided to make them cost GE.


Imo we should get all the 4 decal slots. Having 2 is simply not enough.

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Removable side skirts,its done from WW2 to Modern still dont understand why we dont have it.
More free aproach to every custom.

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Fair enough.

It doesn’t really provide any benefits. However does look cool from a wreck standpoint.

More decals.
More decorations.
More camouflages.
More camo nets.

I want it all to expand.