The statcard of the nuclear bomb is funny

Explosive: Tritonal ???
Explosive mass: 0.01kg ???
TNT equivalent: 11.8g ???
Radius of 2m ??

It has less power than a firecracker!
I would love to see a real nuclear bomb with these stats XD

shot 2024.04.12 09.22.51


its placeholder, they havent bothered to put in the actual values and they dont want the explosion to grant any kills if it does land on a vehicle


I thought this was the explosive mass needed to trigger the nuclear explosion.

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Sure, i get them not wanting it to act like an actual in game bomb as to not kill every enemy AND teammate on the map, that would cause so many team-kill bans XD

But can’t they just change the statcard numbers without changing the function of the actual weapon/vehicle/ordinance ?

we can…
but will they?
laziness is a killer aintit?

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it takes a lot more than that

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This proves that nukes are overrated. Someone tell the world leaders please, we no longer need to live in fear.