The Spitfire LF Mk9 is unstoppable and needs to go to 6.3

That is just factually untrue if you actually test it or just look at documents for sea level top speed.

I tested it, and under most scenarios the lf mk9 and p51 d30 do outpace the k4 at below 2km of altitude.

I can only speak from a Sim perspective but the LF IX is a very strong aircraft. Hard to fly as all Spitfires are in Sim (sensitive stick and lots of torque)but it’s a monster at 5.0.

That said if you’re pushing this up then you need to push up the Ki-84’s to the same BR. The Ki is almost as manoeuvrable, retains energy better, dives better and probably rolls better at speed. The Ki is also braindead easy to fly with almost no torque effects and I’d be stunned if it can even stall in Sim.

As it stands the LF IX is an excellent counter to the Frank and I must admit I do get a gooey feeling inside when they finally learn they can’t quite out turn me.

If you want to fight the LF IX, fight him high where he begins to suffocate. The issue is people try to out turn them at low altitude where you’re literally playing his game.

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common rico skill issue

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common comment providing nothing. You’re far worse than me, why even bother shaming me if you’re going to be shamed back even harder?

the ki84 is reversable and has a horrible rudder lock up. The Spitfire doesn’t lock and doesn’t compress even half as the ki84 does, besides outclimbing it and being faster.