The Spitfire LF Mk9 is unstoppable and needs to go to 6.3

Simply put; it has insane climb rate, great top speed below 6km of altitude, still claps at medium-high altitude and has devastating armament. It’s in other words a super prop that also has higher-br-worthy armament like gaijin does with aircraft variants that go a whole BR up because they trade machine guns for cannons in exchange of worse performance, like the f8f-1 at 5.0 being way better than the f8f-1b to the point it can easily out dogfight a yak3 in every scenario outside a flat rate fight; and the f8f 1b being heavier and waddling around while is unable to have a balance between compressing into oblivion or losing all the energy; or the yak3 and the yak3p

we have n1k’s at 6.0 which on average won’t win any dogfight if the enemy has a single synapse active. Why do we have to cope with the spitfire lf mk9 at 5.7? Thing is faster than many other things, and is extremely difficult to counter unless you third party
“but spitfires are fragile”! Nope, the griffon spitfires are fragile, the lf mk9 can take punishment while any scratch will deem the griffon red tag brown.


I’ve been told and have heard it’s the only “under tired” spitfire. So I guess an bump up in BR is justified but idk about 6.3…

It’s not, it just another mantis cope thread of him being bad at this game.


I mean, idk I’ve heard many people complaining about it 🤷‍♂️

Edit: I just got it so I guess I get to see first hand if it’s really as bad as he makes it seem

I haven’t head anyone complain about it in years.

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because it has become a thing recently with the hispano buff. Just like the yak3P, it was slightly overtiered before because three shvaks would give objectively worse results than two shkas, but now it punches harder than most aircraft with four an-m3s and it could do very well at 5.3, especially since it hard counters the spitfire lf mk9 for having better high speed nose authority. The A6M3 is also faster than the a6m5, coupled with it’s fantastic type 99 it’s a good aircraft. The Ki61-1 is also fantastic because it’s very fast. But still, the spitfire lf mk9 is the best prop in the game. It is fast, has insane energy retention, out turns zeroes and doesn’t have any issues with anything else unless they’re at a serious energy disadvantage. The normal LF Mk9s might stay at 6.0 if else, it’s the american spitfire the one that is more worthy of 6.3 because it has the best performance of any merlin spitfire.

No that’s you.

It was never overtired, furthermore it’s fine at 5.7. It doesn’t remotely out turn zero’s.

yea, fr it’s me hi, i’m the problem it’s me


Congratulations you got a once million match.

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i literally score 3 kills per game in spitfire lf mk9 and mk14 and very frequently 4-5k. The last time I played the Spitfire Mk24 i got a seven kill game and gave myself to an a1h because I ran out of ammo. This is a one in a million match FOR YOU who is negative on the most effective tools available. I keep my energy and use the spitfire’s insane engine power and speed to energy fight and stall people out or equal my states to pull into people that zoom away from me. Just because the spitfire lf mk9 turns inside the zero doesn’t mean i have to turn fight everything.

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I mean, many people have complained about the zeroes.
Mainly because many people are stupid and turnfight everything regardless of what plane it is or what plane they are in.

the a6m5 is not good, the a6m3 for some reason is faster and harder to extend away from and it’s probably the Reisen the one that takes more time to extend away from because of the clipped wings but it’s just a boom and zoom plane with less energy retention too. The Spitfire is fast and has better guns but not just that, it also has very good energy retention and insane engine power, so they excel as energy fighters too. It can keep very well 710kmh in shallow dives near the deck and that’s pretty much how I cruise around in the spitfire and how I can extend away from planes that are faster than me; by then I would climb and make them come, since they climb a lot less than the spitfires, going for a vertical rolling scissor will stall them out behind me, that’s also how 109s play against stuff like yaks or other things that are faster but have less engine power.

I probably should rephrase it. I see people constantly saying it’s underteired or borderline OP or flat out OP. If you consider that’s complaining. But I definitely probably phrased that other comment wrong

Lol, same with wyverns. The only thing it’s really got going for it is the bomb load and speed. The number one way I see people die to it, or get kills in it is head ons. It can’t turn and dogfight. Even energy fighting is hard in it, at least that I find

i totally understand what you mean, you phrased it well enough. You heard frequently that the spitfire lf mk9 is op.

Yeah. I just needed to clear that up

if you play clever in the westland wyvern you’re going to be untouchable, albeit being passive as a moai. You run and skoink people that ain’t paying attention, taking head ons is not advisable because it catches fire the moment a shell scratches your airframe.

i literally went to fly the spitfire lf mk9 right after making the post just in case someone like you came and rebutted me.