The sound of the Israeli high tier fighter jets when playing the recording (as well as in the game) is really embarrassing. Fightr jets whistles

Why do the Israeli fighter jets F-16 Netz, F-16 Barak II, F-15 Baz and F-15 Baz Meshupar have such a terribly bad sound, such a terribly shrill sound that it doesn’t even resemble a fighter?

Why don’t fighter jets have sound like they do in normal real life? And that earth shattering thundering sound?

Why is the F-16 Netz squealing like an animal instead? Other Israeli Air Force fighters do the same. I don’t know about other countries, but Israeli fighter jets have a really childish embarrassingly sound!

The worst noise is especially when I try to play air battle footage. All other machines rumble loudly and, for example, the F-16 Netz whistles. Very embarrassing indeed