The sound is even more buggy since today's update

The sound is even more buggy since today’s update. Indeed, Tiger heavy tanks or T34s literally 3 meters from me no longer emit any engine or track sounds or some have a sound that comes from a place that seems far away and where they are not visibly not. These sound problems make the game more than unplayable, you will die because a tank behind your back or on your side within 10 meters does not emit sound. Gaijin seriously needs to move on to actually tweaking the soundscape instead of breaking it up even more or adding unnecessary sounds.

and now you hear a vehicle coming from the right but in reality it’s on your hard left, seriously gaijin what are you doing ?

Yeah…i feel like sound guy doesnt test sounds at all…he just make some changes…wait for few months for “review” and then he change is randomly again.

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It feel like nobody in dev team test or play to the game, we can see how they don’t know how their game works when they do devstream

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Yeah…feel like that also…epsecialy when you see the BR that some vehicles go.

they might need a new dev team whit som ppl that have a clu what they are doing

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