The shell piercing through the thick armor it should not have penetrated is definitely a disaster

There is definitely an issue with the armor factor in the new version of the game


As shown in the picture, when I used the 152mm main gun of cruiser Fargo to shoot at the 152mm upper armor belt of battleship Kongo at a distance of 15km, the penetration of the shell was 96mm. It broke through! I know Gaijin wants to improve the Navy’s damage model, but please maintain Warthunder’s relatively realistic gaming style. If Warthunder loses this, why don’t I go play in World of Warships? A more mature and balanced “Blood Bar” naval battle game


this issue must be fixed ASAP!


It is one of the major naval bugs that popped up after the update. They seem to now be aware of the bugs and are fixing it. Hopefully soon…


And this bug is very random. Taking Kongo as an example, its upper armor belt has an equivalent thickness of less than 0.5 of the original thickness, while the armor equivalent of the turret is completely normal. The equivalent thickness of the main armor belt is about 0.8 of the original thickness. Gaijin, are you really not considering this as espionage?

Other ships also have the issues I mentioned above

the IJN Ise

the Mikhail


This bug is not relevant to another bug where shells ignoring armour in naval battles. This one is solely related to protection analysis and specifically the “simulate a shot” feature. You can even penetrate Jumbo’s UFP with 85mm BR-365 beyond 2km in protection analysis, that doesn’t happen in actual gameplay.

Both bug is now in progress of fixing.

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Is the Mutsu being fixed too? As of right now, the casemate gun shields have no armour at all, and the upper casemate gallery has no gun shield OR side armour.

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She never had any in the first place.

I don’t know if it’s completely fixed/the final version of the Mutsu now, but I survived a huuuge amount of time during EC just 2 hours ago. Attacked from 2 sides, several destroyers and cruisers at once, torp got me at the end (after like 15 minutes of heavy brawling). Right after that I spawned back and same thing. Was quite a blast to be honest. In RB I experienced so much bs, not tried out yet how she performs there.

Yes, they did. The gunshields on the casemate guns are literally there on the model, but do not have any armour value assigned to them, despite having 25mm gun shields, just like on other Japanese casemate guns on their other BBs.

Whitley, M.J. (1998). Battleships of World War II. Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press, page 200.

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Her official armour plans do not assign armour values to the casemate guns, unfortunately.

And yet, they are exactly the same casemate guns, gun shields, and layouts as the Ise and Fuso classes, with their lower casemates having 152mm side plating + 25mm gun shields, while the upper casemates had 25mm splinter plating + their gunshields. This is ignored in her “official armour plans” because those were basically being lifted from the prior classes. If you look at ANY source studying the Nagato however, they clearly note the casemate armour. Indeed, if you look at the documentation of the classes’ tonnage calculations, the secondary battery armour IS included in those tabulations.

You are free to show us where that supposed “armour” is on this section:

I mean isn’t casemate gun from Mutsu is some museum in Japan? I am looking at the NavWeaps page and it has photo of it there and I can quite clearly see gun shield there.

Come on the mounts are almost the same as on Ise.

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I have only one secondary source that says the shield was 1.5", but without a second source, you can’t do anything about it.

And in all honesty, it wouldn’t make any difference since overpressure doesn’t case about armour thickness.

Yes, it is, and you can very much see the gun shield.

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