The return of the Tiger 2 10.5cm

Why did they decide it’s a good idea to place it higher than the regular Tiger 2 if it’s worse than it? I don’t have the 105 but I see the gun is something the T29’s equivalent.

There are a couple reasons.
1: Smaller/older player access leads to less new players using it which will increase its performance.
2: It has a 304mm pen APCR and gaijin loves to take these into their br calculations.
3: Its turret is a bit harder to pen because its gun mantlet is larger.

Its reload is much longer, 12.5sec vs 7.5sec, which will cut back on its gun performance though.

I saw some players doing incredibly well in it in terms of KDR, I still recall seeing this dude having around 1600 kills with only around 300 deaths in his Tiger 105, but he was doing equally good in his other vehicles.

The 105 will, hopefully, force you to play passively which helps with surviving. It is by no means a bad tank but the 88 is much better for most maps.

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