The return of the Tiger 2 10.5cm

There is proof of the tiger 10.5 plans and i will share them with you, even though it was never made and they were just plans, that is the same situation with the r2y2 v2 and v3, and the v1 never had jet engines, just a propeller. i am saying it is odd to keep those planes yet despite there being 0 plans for the v2 and v3 and the state of the v1, so why not keep the tiger2 10.5 cm? The tiger 2 10.5 cm had real plans and a rumored wooden turret. i think the re addition of the tiger 2 10.5cm would make sense because it had REAL plans. i dont know why it was removed, probably of it being fictional/ un realistic, yet the all the r2y2 variants are in the game, despite the v2 and v3 actually being made up. the tiger 2 10.5 cm makes sense to be in the game.


The thing is though that the R2Y2’s have been confirmed to be getting removed at some point in the future.

The T2 105 should come back but without the range finding balls in the turret. They could then buff the normal Tiger II (late) with the rangefinder.

Same as the Panther II. It was just a Panther G or A with thicker hull armour. They could just remove the stupid 88mm F turret and NVD’s. Or they could just make it a new tank without the paper additions.

The Coelian is much more realistic than the Ostwind II with a wooden turret mockup instead of whatever the Ost 2 is.

I’m all for prototype or paper vehicles considering we have the F-16AJ, Yak-41M, Kronshtadt, and some other stuff I can’t think of at the moment.

The rules are not uniform. Rules for thee but not for me. Consistently inconsistent.


I really don’t think they need to add more napkinwaffe, especially given that the Tiger II 105mm would be worse than the regular Tiger II given the longer reload for a only somewhat better round. Development time would be better spent going through and adding a bunch of StuG IV variants.

The F-16AJ is bad and should probably be removed but it’s also just a paint job for a real plane. They could just give Japan access to all the US vehicles on Okinawa and give them an F-16 that way. The Yak-141 was real, I’ll post a vid of it at the Farnborough air show, it’s just that it’s radar was never fully integrated before it was cancelled. Kron is pretty bad, probably on the same level as the Tiger II 105, a bit more real than the E-series tanks since it was at least laid down. Hard to compare ships and tanks though.

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I agree. Generally I am not for adding paper vehicles. However, since they have already added some of them into the game and Gaijin has no plans to remove them or prohibit their use in realistic matchmaking for players that already have them, Gaijin should let other players obtain the ones that already exist in game, like the Tiger 10.5, Panther II, and Flakpanzer 341. There is no valid reason not to.

This is the REAL plans for Death Star.
Please Gaijin add it for CAS !

death star plans


Yes the Panther II should come back, maybe as a premium, as Germany really needs some more medium tanks at that BR. Give it the better engine and armour with the 75mm and put it at 6.3. And bring the ferdinand to 6.3 as it is woefully overtiered so Germany actually has a 6.3 lineup.

Also agree on adding the 105 Tiger.

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Agreed, remove the rangefinder, nerf depression to Soviet levels, add the gyrostab, and the 105 would be a great 7.0 premium to compete with the T29.

The actual Panther II not only has improved armour but also improved mobility, especially reverse speed and would fit at 6.7 TT IMO, being a bit worse than the M26 but very comparable to the T-44.

making it a premium wouldn’t solve that problem

R2Y2 will be removed at some point.
Kron never should’ve been added.
Yak141 never should’ve been added.
16AJ could at this point be removed as we have the F-15J.

I’m not interested in all this blueprint bullshit in WT. Never wanted it nor asked for it. It can all go away.

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I think tanks that are niche and never entered mass production are more appropriate to be premiums. I the idea of entire teams being made up of paper tanks.

Ships have a different bar to pass due to the logistics of ship building. As long as it was laid down, it can be added.
I can mostly agree with the others. The R2Y2 is taking forever to get removed because gaijin hardly touches Japan to begin with.

I mean if this shouldn’t have been added, then ive got bad news about a lot of planes.

And? They can all go. Simple as.

Of course the bar was changd to benefit Russia. Gaijin’s hypocrisy isn’t lost on me, as always.

Its also to the benefit of basically every naval nation.

The US, Japan, the UK, France and Italy would all notably benefit from getting ships they laid down, but never finished.

I mean i suppose the many XP planes from the US, and half of mid tier Japan, but sure can be done.

It just seems like slaughtering a lot of vehicles for what is a minor stretch.

  1. As far as I am aware nothing remotely close to unifinished IRL as the Kron has been added forany other nation, so it’s very much hypocrisy.

  2. Plenty of those actually had fully finished prototypes tested and flown unlike the 141. However I maintain consistency so they can all go so long as the 141 does, too.

The real life Panther II has the HL-230 engine.

Except it doesn’t. The Chieftain made a video on the Panther II, not only does he explicitly state that the transmission is the same as the Panther’s (ZF AK 7-200), when he goes into the drivers position there are a few seconds where the transmission can be seen with more detail and it visibly is the same as the Panther’s, not the Tiger II’s.

Additionally, as I already stated, the engine it has is the HL-230, not HL-234 which is what it has in-game.

The only mobility improvement the actual Panther II potentially gets is if it doesn’t have the 2500 RPM limit on the engine. In that case it would have 700 horsepower at 3000 RPM, but it would still have a very slow reverse, and with the added weight it probably wouldn’t have that much higher horsepower/ton.

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The only thing missing iirc from the 141 is the radar which was planned to be fitted and maybe weaponry integration.

Yak-141 flew in the 1992 Farnborough air show. So if thats not flying idk what is.

Yes it would be in the form of potential additions like late german ww1 battlecruisers and the H41(i believe its the one that got layed down).

G3 british 1920s Battlecruiser canceled by washington naval treaty and the Lions

US Lexington and Saratoga battlecruisers pre-conversion to carriers

Italy iirc has some thing in the dockyard throughout ww2

Japan with their Amagi battlecruiser pre-conversion to carrier.

So as an item i think large capital ships are fair game as an uncompleted vessel simply because of how they are made in comparison to one-off prototypes

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  1. 141 lacked the full electronic suites for radar and weaponry. All it was, was a somewhat flyable airframe. Nothing more.

  2. Until any of that starts appearing in the game my prior statement stands. You’ll get no ground trying to debate me on it, frankly.

Pretty much. German with like 5 battleships and Italy with 6 vs the US with 23. They would have to add some laid down ships to balance it out.

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