The requirements for unlocking rank 6-8 jets make no sense what so ever

I’m currently grinding Russias air tech tree, so ill use them as the example but it is like this for pretty much every aviation tech tree as far as i can tell with minor exceptions. Before they added rank 8, the amount of required unlocked vehicles always went down as you got higher rank vehicles, which makes sense since there are less of them the higher you go (most of the time).
So there are 13x rank 5 planes for russia, the requirement to unlock rank 6 is 3 planes, so you need 3/13.
There are 7x rank 6 planes for russia, the requirement to unlock rank 7 planes is still 3, so you need 3/7.
Then it goes full monkey, there are 6x rank 7 planes for russia, the requirement to unlock rank 8 is 5. so you need 5/6 for some unknovn reason (except to lengthen the grind of course).
Are they gonna adress this or are they just gonna say fuck the logic and the ability to chose what line you want to go down, just grind them all if you want rank 8…

I don’t see the problem. Just enjoy the game, and you’ll get there. It’s not a race.


The problem is that if you dont investigate the tree to know exactly how many you need to unlock later and just follow what the game is telling you (that you need less and less for each rank) then you will come to the same situation i did.
You then have to rank up a line of vehicles (lets just use bombers as an example) which you never went down. So now you are in rank 6, and need to go down and play rank 2 again to lvl up a new line because for some reason you dont need 3 or even 2 to unlock rank 8, you need pretty much all lines of planes lvled up.

So you have to meet the conditions that apply - they haven’t changed recently, and if they are a surprise to you then that’s your lack of awareness… shrug - none of us are perfect.

so you think its fine and perfectly normal that even tho before rank 8 was added you need to bring 2 line of planes down to max rank (sometimes 3, but almost always only 2 lines was all that was needed) and now you need 4. Which means if you were at rank 7 planes before this, you would need to bring 1-2 new lines all the way down. thats fine?

the sense is to buy premium or suffer haha, basically most F2P games these days

get them then.

The problem is retroactively requiring lines you weren’t required to have before. I believe gaijin should limit this as much as possible.

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