The recent reward picture of F-16 destroying JH-7 is beautiful

Even if it is done by AI, I think these are great and Gaijin should keep up with beautiful artwork. One of the things that you can almost never be disappointed by (Besides trailers, lol)


yea, at the same time, I would like to see a picture of T64B destroying T80BVM



Too bad they removed the JH7 part of it lmao


And the F-16s were replaced with Jaguar ISs

@ 改平啦 收油门 撞到啦 收

It is?

Some of gaijin’s art atleast appear to be ai made

Fake image doctored to look like AI and slander Gaijin
Here is the real PFP
Here is the PFP they tried to pass off as “AI”

This one’s just people knit-picking and complaining about an obviously goofy and over-the-top pfp made for a Twitchdrop event.

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Hmm. So misinformation bullshit from reddit as usual.

Pretty much, somebody probably just smudged the PFP and gave random shit to point out and go “see?!?!?! It’s fake!!11!”

It’s not fake or intentionally smudged. I remember seeing it when it came out. The second image was the original. The touched it up to fix it 2 or 3 days later. I remember it looking weird and smudged on release. The original was absolutely AI. The current version is just the AI version but it has been hand-painted over to fix the problems.

They did the exact same thing with the new event pfp which is also obviously AI, but this time they did a much worse job of hiding that it’s AI.





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Thanks for clearing that up, I thought it was just redditers being redditers.

What necessitated the change? Working in F-16s, I’m pretty sad to see that theme change. Especially seeing as the following aircraft are now jaguars, while the cockpit still does not show a Jaguar.

it makes sense to chance the F-16s to Jaguar ISs, but also, it’s super lazy because it’s still an F-16 cockpit.

How about you don’t say that.

How about they stop using ugly planes that are implemented into the game, n maybe start using F-16s

Obviously, they didn’t use their brains before drawing this painting,The theme is Indian planes, but they use F16


Should’ve stayed that way

They clearly didn’t use their brains because it’s AI generated and they went in and put the Jaguar ISs in after the fact. It has all the telltale signs of being AI generated. There’s some random screw in the back of the seat, there’s a weird vent being that, the reflection in the helmet makes no sense, the clips on the straps and the mask clips are different between the left and the right, the pilot’s shoulder on the right side strangely fades into a weird ridge, and the explosion in the background looks like complete nonsense (though much less nonsensical than in the original).

Overall, the image is just loaded with gibberish which is the hallmark of AI

I don’t quite see what you’re talking about.

Granted the aspect is weird, it’s there.

There’s little to no detail in it? Almost all of it is just the sky, with small details of the cockpit being seen on the left.

Which clip are you talking about?

Looks like a shoulder to me

The small explosion just under the trailing aircraft, or the explosion just behind the cockpit?


I stand corrected. I guess that vent is supposed to be there.

The clips aren’t the same on both sides for the shoulder and mask clips.


I shouldn’t have said shoulder, it’s not quite the shoulder but I meant this area here.


I mean areas like this. That weird cut between the colors, that black line, it’s all nonsense. It’s much better than what it used to be. The original explosion was far greater amounts of nonsense, with the JH7A on top of the explosion instead of inside it, the details teminating in event stranger edges, and this weird spike: