The rebirth mechanism of air combat bases has disabled a large number of Level 7 gift pack aircraft

In the current version, theater rebirth takes 5 minutes or even more, which makes it impossible for the F-4EJ-ADTW and F-4J (UK) to attack theaters without grabbing the first batch of theaters (not abandoning bombs in top-level aircraft melee is a suicide act); But if these two planes were to engage in air combat, their weak armaments (AIM7E and AIM9D) would not be able to compete with their opponents’ high-performance missiles such as AIM7F/7M or AIM9M and R24T, and they have now lost their balance.
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In addition, there is the F-104S (Türkiye), which is even worse than the F4. There is no omnidirectional RWR, less missiles and industrial waste radar


I think to translate this to English:

The base respawn currently takes 5 minutes or more (which is a significant increase from what it was before the update), which means that for many ground attackers or aircraft with large bomb loads, that if you are unable to get the first round of bases, you are left to haul your bomb load for an extended period of time waiting for more bases to spawn.

The issue, is in that time, you are engaged and often taken out by aircraft that perform far better in A2A combat or that have a far higher BR, meaning the likelyhood of surviving till those base respawns is very low.