The rate of fuel explosion on Leclerc tanks is absolutely unacceptable

Modern tanks are filled with diesel that is not prone to explosions. Further, with the absent spall liners from majority NATO tanks in the interim something must be done to balance your lack of foresight. Disable or seriously adjust fuel tank explosion rate until you have finished modeling spall liners for NATO vehicles.



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In order for a fuel explosion to occur, there must be oil mist, which must be ignited by a spark, and since the fuel inside the tank is safely stored in a fuel tank, it is unlikely that a fuel explosion would occur. In addition, fuel tanks are actually used to protect the crew from fragment from shells or to protect ammunition, so I think fuel explosions should be removed. (This is not to say that fuel explosions don’t happen, just that they are less likely to occur).

I apologize that the paper is in Korean, but the title of the Korean paper is A Study on The Possibility of Flash Fire
of Combat System by Kinetic Energy Ammunitions.

This paper is based on research supported by a project of the Korea Agency For Defence Development (ADD).

and it also concludes that the probability is β€œlow”.


So based. Thanks for the citation. I agree with OP.