The QN506 missiles are non-function you must do something

There is no other option for Chinese IFVs you are not doing your job you must fix them.

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but they work lol, do you ahve the button set that you shoot fire and forget and laser guided ones together?

They kinda do work, sometimes the fnf even hits something. What really does not work is…well pretty much everything else with this godawful vehicle. The small missiles practically just exist to cover an enemy’s face in smoke, the cannon is fine but the turret is awful in every possible way, and on top of all that the vehicle is built on an extra light version of the ZTZ59 chassis so you have no armor, no mobility, and no reverse speed

They(FnF) are quite bad to be honest.I once faced a QN506 he fired all of his missiles at me but none of them hit me. All of them went way above my tank.

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It should be an effevtive ATGM but Gaijin made the QN506 only capable of anti-heli. Isn’t that weird enough?