The QN-506 still cannot stop fires!

Fires from the rear fuel tank still cannot be extinguished! If someone from Gaijin sees this please fix it. The same bug has been going on for months. I’ve just started to enjoy this vehicle so this bug really upsets me.

Also an advice for anyone trying to use the QN-506 you can assign a button for ‘Commander fire control’. This allows you to fire the F&F missile from cover using the commander’s optic which is actually not bad at all.

Im having a blast using the QN-506 and yeah I feel you with the fire stuff… usually I dump the little nerf dart rockets but sometimes they are helpful. Ppl usually just MG them and thats me ammoracked. You can bind “Turn radar off/on” and if you use it with the QN-506 it raises/lowers the commanders periscope giving you a teenie bit more height/sight.

Why has this not been fixed yet???