The Q-5A goes too fast for 9.0

If you want to sell planes then consider developing a game mode to use them in besides GRB.

Look, Vamilad was killed by yet another vehicle


What other vehicles have I been killed by?

That or it flares one of their AAM’s or they chased after one… (something I see a lot with speedy aircraft), Still they could always turnfight it as it kinda sucks in manoeuvres at high speeds if they did get killed by one.

The Q-5’s are still quite gimped aircraft an will likely stay at 9.0 for a while until something is done to make their abilities in battle better (eg: CM for the later one & AAM’s for the three TT ones).

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NO…DUDE…It’s already a very sad plane…

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I agree but also the F-104A and MiG-21F-13 are 9.3

and the ns23 for Q5A is too slow.