The PUMA unusable on 10.0 please left 9.7

All enemy very very strong and PUMA ammo no good penetration im all battle dead one shot. Repair the PUMA !!!

sounds like skill issue to me, the Puma still is useable at 10.0, yes it should get fixed the model problems etc, but as it is, it is usable at 10.0

Puma is fine, needs bug fixes, but isn’t underperforming.

It needs Spiker missile like Freccia. If there is Spiker for Freccia then there is no reason to deny it to Puma when it had it in real life.

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completly different Puma vehicle, it has multiple changes a new MUSS system, 12.7mm gun and other changes, the model would change a bit you canz just slap a spike thrower on it

I didn’t know there was many types of puma. Can you link or share pictures of that puma?

honestly would be a find the mistake in picture search, most changes are internaly and few can be spoted external. As es example i just noticed the VJTF has extra cameras all around looks at the front UFP plate



All these guns looks too much big to me to be 12.7mm.

ah god damnit, switched the caliber again, what i meaned was a 7.62mm gun.
The secondary internal gun was switched from a MG4 5.56mm to a MG5 7.62mm

nice english bro, i understand how you feel the problem is gaijin hates germany

they definitely do not hate germany… see: germany’s massive amounts of undertiered vehicles. They just for some reason do not like high tier germany

Gaijin hates Britain*

are you for real XD

Yes. Yes I am. Prove me wrong.

bro every update britain get tons of vehicle just look how many challenger 2 britain have in top tier


Stop trolling nobody likes it. Also the Challenger 2 is not nearly historically accurate, we have tons of bug reports that have been pending, tons of vehicles that need to be added, tons of weaponry, OUR HUNTER F.58 was given to Germany, America got the M1A1 AIM that Britain should have, the Mustang 1A is a premium for Britain but tech tree for USA when they shouldn’t even have it.

remember this is a game non of this vehicles are historically accurate thats first and second since 2020 which 2a6 added, germany didnt recieve single nice mbt for top tier even japan has 4 mbt in top tier but germany only got 2a5 and 2a6 and now after 3 years they gonna add the pso version of 2a5 which is not so great with those heavy armors and lack of mobility plus britian is getting another mbt for top tier again, T90s lol idk which part of that t90s is British their reason for adding that to britain also make non-sense.

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First of all, 2A6 is better than all Challengers in game, same as 2A5, T-90 is going to Britain because it is Indian and India was part of the British empire, I agree we shouldn’t be getting it but that’s just a random addition.