The problems with all of the J35's

All of the Drakens (J35A, J35D, and J35XS) are near unusable in their current state, which is especially disappointing because both the J35A and J35XS are premiums. What mostly makes them unusable is the chronic lack of both the tracers and the leading computer, which it was built with. As well, the J35A and J35D’s lack of flares makes them very vulnerable, especially for the J35D, which is at a tier where every single aircraft has missiles. My experience with these jets has been extremely poor, especially for 2 premiums.

Also with the Drakens, the turning rate is painfully average, for a plane built for dogfighting, and locks up at anything above 700 km/h. As well, from my experience, the Drakens have some of the most fuel-hungry afterburners in the game, making 20 minutes of fuel go away extremely fast. The Drakens had external fuel tanks, and there is a lot of information on them, and there is next to no reason to not add them. Combine ALL of this together with the completely unusable guns, lackluster missiles on the A variant, painfully low fuel for what its consuming, and complete and total lack of flares on the A and D variants (with the XS only having 12), you get one of the most frustrating, painful, and complete and total waste of your money for the premiums.

There’s a few options here for Gaijin.
A. Lower the BR
You could genuinely just get away with lowering the BR. It is not my favorite option, and I would still like to see drop tanks, but this is still an option
B. Keep the current BRs, give the tracers and drop tanks.
C. Keep the current BRs and give the drop tanks and lead computers.
D. Both B and C
E. Both B and C but you increase the BR
F. Unfortunately the most likely option, is to do nothing.

Please. The 3 total Sweden mains are begging you.


It’s like 3000 now. A close to meta aircraft, and some of the best tanks in game

you forgot that gaijin absolutely railed the flight model and then nerfed it to “fix” unrecoverable stalls.
i remember the first version…
They’re dead and there’s nothing we can do about it


I urge everybody reading this to bring attention to this with active comments, discussions and pictures of the J35s i myself will be doing this as to try to bring attention to this area.

Gaijins absolute disregard for the lower br with each update is very slimy examples like the SPAA situation of all nations and gaijins poor handling of it or gaijin copy pasting a sub-tree to sweden instead of adding home-made alternatives is disguisting. This too is a example how gaijin “fixes” broken vehicles by removing features from them that in my opinion is by far the worst thing they are actively doing.

In my opinion Gaijin needs to “fix” low-mid tier sweden Air & Ground by adding domestic designs over imported designs. Same with Finland, Norway, Denmark etc. Gaijin “Fixing” Minor nations by just adding imported vehicles that was either just trialed or put in service without any further modifications/A vehicle without any major history to the country.


Cool cockpits at display in the finnish air force museum

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i have the J 35F manuals


So reading all of you, the J35s are not worth. I was thinking of grinding the Swedish planes soon. What planes are worth a talisman if the J35XS isn’t that good?

J 29F and, after the recent decompression, the JA 37D imo.


The J29F is a amazing plane if you use it properly it can do a hybrid of Dogfight/Boom n Zoom where it cant do one well but combine elements of both and you get an area where the J29F shines, its really quite amazing.


So someone who used the 35xs in the grind i say it was the easiest to used and it took me four days to get what i needed so you must be very unlucky or i must have been matched with bafoons

The J35XS gets flares(granted not many), two extra missile hardpoints and IRST that makes it much easier to target enemies without them noticing and dumping 100 flares (USA)

If gaijin added the J35F or J35J as a TECHTREE Vehicles It will be able to use Radar missiles and more

But for now kindly return the Radar assisted Gunsight to the J25D & J35A and J32B due to it being nearly impossible for a average player to know the 30mm ballistics without being at point blank range. Additionally The sparse ammunition make it harder to learn due to needing to save ammunition

(Reported and acknowledged three months ago, hopefully it will be fixed soon…)


Having bought both the Prem Drakens at different intervals, I’m just glad I did when they were on sale so it wasn’t as much of a terrible investment.

You have to play as a rat. There’s no other way to play them. Not an ideal way to play.

Bought the J35A back before the VTOL jets at 9.7 and 10.0 got added
it was good and could get kills

Now i just have to pray that that my opponent lacks brain cells so i can actually shoot them down
Best way seems to be essentially going stealth and pop up from high up (hopefully you won’t get sniped) so you can dive and take care of some unaware premium jets, usually A-10 or SU-25
or same thing but low and behind lots of cover

Thats how I played though mostly ground targets

ughhh stinky content I see here.

They’re more than playable; they’re faster than 104s and turn like the J7E while not bleeding speed below 1000 IAS; that’s it: you’ve got the Mirage 2000.

A. Lower the BR

the J35A has 10.3 performance, yet sits at 9.7 because it has only aim9bs and no flares. You know what is at 10.3 with aim9b’s and no flares too? The Mitsubishi F-1, and it’s flight performance is garbo.

The J35XS and J35D should go 11.0 because they will bully the living hell out of everything between 10.7 and 9.7 while being consistent at 11.3. They have to be used down low; use your speed and terrain to hide from missiles, use your six aim9j’s as makeshift flares OR sparrow interceptors. The Drakens are extremely strong and are held back by not having flares.

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’ve never actually used this jet in it’s current state

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YES! J35XS - awful and horrible. 10.7 = 70% GAMES with 11.3 BR against MIG23 And Phantom4S and 20% GAMES with 11.7 BR against F14A. When you play against 10.3 or 10.7 it is pretty good, BUT NO NOW YOU ARE PLAYING ONLY 11.3. I don’t now what to do. 12 flares with 60 F5C on 10.3 BR- that’s cool.

Good ol times when the first flight model let you out rate them even in the MiG19

now no more, they are literally mirage 2000s at a whole BR and half lower. Also no, switch to full real and you will have the classic draken.

i did not, but i did get outpaced by it on f-104a and MiG21 SMT.

The problem with all drakens is that they have too much performance for the BR’s they sit at but they have little to no flares for the missile meta. Still I main gunfighters over missile trucks and if a j35 merges with you or parks on your tail you’re very much done.

Some other thing you forget about the drakens is that they’re flying fuel tanks yet somehow you’re unable to kill them even with a sparrow point blank.

It’s literally impossible to set them on fire or kill them reliably unless you snipe their pilot. Not even with GSh23L.
The J35’s are bullshit and everyone keeps saying no because it’s a trend and don’t want to be criticized.

The J35XS also has six aim9j’s which are the second best rear aspect missiles in the game because they’re notorious for being able to kill tomcats, phantoms and mig29’s in head on from 1.5km away lock-launch and ignore flares in certain scenarios. The aim9e’s also do the same but they have smaller gimbal limit and 10g’s of pull.

The F-1 and T-2 have the Aim-9J/P. At 9.7 and 10.3 respectively.

If they had flares they would probably be 10.3 and 10.7 as it would essentially be a AJ-37 but with same/more missiles and a easier to use gun.

Flight performance of the F-1 and T-2 are both fine, you get a lot of nose authority and good turn performance at the cost of massive energy drain.