The problems with all of the J35's

but the t2 can’t even out dogfight the mig21 while the draken can out fight the j7e from any side while also being one of the fastest planes on the deck.

It sure can be done.

Yep and it doesn’t get the missile loadout that the F-1 and T-2 gets.

you definitely get four aim9b’s, two aim9j’s and six aim9j’s the higher you go, plus the flares the t2 and f1 don’t get. Other 9,7s get no missiles while the mig21s and f-5s of 10.3 get just two 10g or four 30g flare hungry sraams and while mig21s and f5c’s are having good airframes they completely pale against the draken which has not just a superior flight performance overall, but also better damage tolerance. The J35D/XS is the closest thing to a Mirage 2000 and it sits a whole BR below while F-5C doesn’t have any engine power and has horrible energy retention below mach, is at 10.3 because lower BR’s it’s just a bully for the sole fact it’s faster than other 9.3s (but so are the drakens of 9.7 and more)

Well its at 10.3 because it has flares and a rather good dogfight airframe.

You get flares at 10.7, so 0.3 higher than the F-1. And you get same 9J/P at 10.3 as the F-1, but none of the ground loadout.

And at 9.7 you dont get the 9J/P at all.

So if the F-1 had flares it would be 10.7 because it has a decent airframe a lots of missiles.

The Dorito and F-1/T-2 are very similar in the fact they both burn energy very quickly in a turn.

Did the draken get all-aspects while i was away?? Because i know you didnt just say head on

are you okay ?

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Harriers were added in New Power and came before the j35a was added. The j35a was introduced later.

In which case i’m a bit unsure, remember them becoming a bit more common at some point
maybe they got new loadouts which made more people use them

Yup, the Draken sucks without flares

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They had planned to make a countermeasure pod for it alike for the Lansen but it never happened

J35XS at 11.0 ? you’re on fucking drugs mate. Go smoke your shit pipe somewhere else.

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